Chills may be defined as feeling of cold sensations because of exposure to cold surroundings. Fall in the temperature or increase of cold may lead to Chills that often result in infection which leads to fever. Chills may occur because of meningitis, pneumonia or malaria too. Bites by the snakes or insects also sometimes lead to this ailment. Persons suffering from Chills may be attacked with discoloration of nails, skin and lips. They may suffer from respiratory problems too. Immediate medical attention may be required in case the problem becomes aggravated.

Certain corrective steps and home remedies may prove their worth to get rid of the harmful effects of chills.

Cover the body including the feet with woolen blankets and massage the soles in a thorough manner.

Make a mixture of holy basil leaves, black pepper and cloves by boiling them in hot water. Give it to the affected person.

Fever can be decreased by sponging the body with water.

Mix some honey into lemon juice and hot water and give it to the patient. Enriched with the antioxidant features, lemon and ginger work well for providing quick relief.

Give some hot chicken soup for respiratory infections and flu.

Always take warm food with rich minerals and vitamins.

Steaming with hot water also relieves from the harmful effects of Chills.

Have sufficient quantity of fluids to get hydrated. Fresh juices of fruits also help for proper hydration of the body.

Have the lettuce leaves by boiling them in hot water.

Having catnip tea and lobelia tincture also help to reduce serious fevers.

Rub a towel or warm wet washcloth on the body for some time and have relief quickly.

Take bath in hot water to keep the body warm.

Take sufficient rest for relaxation and getting rid of chills.

Fluids in the shape of fruit juices also help to get quick relief.

Milk, light tea, soup and broth etc also energize the body.

Avoid taking alcohol that may aggravate the Chills.

Stay away from excessive use of cold foods, caffeine.

Smoking tobacco can also enhance Chills, so quit it.

Infections often result in Chills. Hence anything that aggravates infection must be avoided.

Avoid having tiring exercises or excessive physical activities for few days till you recover from the chills.

Have sufficient intake of water for hydrating the body.

Herbal tea also works wonders to treat Chills quickly.

Take light foods, e.g. steamed vegetables, yogurt or soft rice.

Cool sandalwood paste may be applied on the forehead if the fever is not so serious.

Take fresh apricot juice with honey. It reduces fever and also flushes out the toxins from your body.

Fenugreek seeds are also quite effective to bring down fever. Make a good tea with these seeds and have it for quick relief.

The above home remedies and preventive steps prove much helpful to say NO to Chills. So, do adopt them and get well soon. 

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