Giving birth to babies is not a child’s play as the life of the would-be-mother is at great risk. Childbirth may prove too painful for many women as they are usually scared of this major occurrence of their life. Undoubtedly, the women have to suffer from physical labor and other problems when they deliver the children. Yet it is a happening that makes the woman a mother, the greatest pride of their life. The ladies can be relieved greatly from the painful sensations because of Childbirth if they take some precautionary steps and adopt home remedies too.

Red Raspberry tea – The women should take this tea on regular basis during their pregnancy period. It is a great tonic that prepares the women for the delivery. This tea energizes the uterus and other parts of the body.

Taking EPO, i.e. the Primrose Oil capsules vaginally and orally facilitate amazing results for relief from Childbirth pains. EPO helps in premature start of labor that otherwise may take long. Women’s cervix also gets dilated with this oil that has the natural components to do so.

Compressing with hot water also gives soothing effects. Taking hot baths eases contractions.

Delivery can be made convenient by using the olive oil for slippery opening of the vagina so that baby is delivered easily.

Having the baby under water also eases from pains.

Castor oil helps to decrease the pains. Take it before bed time.

Bleeding after the labor can be reduced with corn silk.

Thyme may be taken in the form of tea for ejection of placenta.

St. John’s wort also gives soothing effects to control pain after childbirth.

A comfortable environment is a must for delivery of the child without much pain. The surroundings must be quite soothing and nothing should disturb the would-be-mothers. Good music, proper lighting and ventilation are a must to ease the ladies that are going to deliver the babies.

The would-be-mother should explain her problems and fears to someone close to her. This will help to have sufficient knowledge about the delivery that may not prove so difficult.

Assistance – Supportive birth team including the doctors, experienced midwives, partners, nurses and friends can be greatly helpful to reduce the childbirth pains. Stress and worries can be controlled with their assistance.

Breathing slowly can bring down the pains because of childbirth.

Focus on something that you like the most. Place your partner’s photo in your front or listen to music. Recordings of ocean waves also work wonders to get relief from childbirth pains.

Get engaged – It is recommended that the ladies going to deliver babies must keep on moving and not just stick to their bed. Physical activities help a lot go have relief from pains.

The ladies can get quick relief from the painful sensations because of Childbirth by taking warm showers or bath, gentle massages and some simple exercises. Taking the requisite medicines also gives good results. 

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