Infested aedes aegypti mosquitoes that exist in the dirty and stagnant waters in the ponds, coolers, potted plants, birdbaths and other containers are responsible for Chikungunya. The small creatures attack the humans with their bites. This ailment often leads to high fever, vomiting, nausea, swelling, headache and pains in the muscles & joints. It may be noted that Chikungunya virus develops in the liver. As dirty water and breeding of the aedes aegypti mosquitoes is the major cause of this ailment hence accumulation of dirty water should be prevented at all costs as prevention is better than cure. Different medicines are available in the markets to cure this disease.

The following home remedies and precautionary methods may prove greatly fruitful to get relief from this ailment.

The leaves of Basil or Tulsi work wonders as they improve the immunity that fights this disease quite effectively. You can take few leaves of Tulsi or Basil and chew them on regular basis.

Coconut water helps greatly to detoxify the leaves and compel the virus to go away. Take this water on regular basis and see the wonderful results.

You can get quick relief from this painful disease by applying a paste prepared from powdered pepper, clove oil and garlic paste.

Soak your body in a tub filled with hot water and mix some Epsom salt in it. Better results can be obtained by adding some neem leaves.

Take seedless dry grapes along with cow milk on daily basis and get quick relief from this serious ailment.

Boost your immune system with Ashwagandha and fight Chikungunya in a strong manner. Take its leaves and chew them and keep infection at distance.

Get quick relief from joint pains by taking raw carrots on daily basis. These natural products improve the immune system.

An apt mix of lime and honey also gives amazing results to get quick relief from Chikungunya.

Take proper rest to recover soon. It will soothe the painful sensations and relieve you from pain.

Fluids – Sufficient intake of fluids is a must for quick recovery.

Chikungunya can be treated evenly by having some simple exercises or yoga asanas. Deep breathing also helps greatly to get rid of this serious disease.

The mosquitoes must be prevented from entering the rooms or other living places. As such, window screens and mosquito doors must be put up to keep you saved from these small creatures.

Ensure that no dirty water gets accumulated near the house. Clean the water coolers and flower pots etc to prevent misquotes.

Insecticides must be sprayed in the house and surroundings so that the mosquitoes are killed.

Wear long clothes and full sleeved shirts. Prevent your body from the mosquitoes’ bites.

You can fight Chikungunya with Sudarsanam Gulika, Inthukantham Kashaya, Amritarishta, Panchathikta Kashayam and Vilvadi Gulika that give excellent results to get rid of its painful effects. Rhus Tox, Bryonia and Arnica are also quite effective to fight this disease.  

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