Chigger bites refer to the nibbling caused by the small, red-colored and hairy mites. It is noteworthy that these mites belong to the family of spiders and they grow by taking nutrition from the blood sucked from their prey i.e. human beings. Chigger bites are mostly caused on the thin-skinned parts of human body such as armpits, ankles, groin, and waist and behind the knees. The bites caused by chiggers lead to irritation and itching on the skin. Red and itching blisters start appearing on the skin of the sufferer due to chigger bites. Although chigger bites are quite irritating however these may be treated with the help of some simple home remedies.

An ice pack placed on the affected area of the skin offers great relief from itching caused due to the chigger bites. Use a plastic bag or cloth to apply ice on the affected part of the skin.

You may also get relieved of the itchiness and irritation caused on the skin due to chigger bites by using a dryer. Make sure you blow dry the chigger bites from some distance. Continue this for around to 2 minutes and have great relief.

To reduce or prevent the effect of chigger bites, take a hot shower bath using a mild soap as soon as the chigger bite is confirmed.

Try using an ace bandage to wrap the affected area of your skin. It helps in obstructing the air supply which in turn reduces the itchiness and irritation caused on the skin.

Castor oil is another great home remedy to get rid of the discomfort caused on the skin due to chigger bite. Use castor oil to massage the affected area of the skin and get relieved of the irritation and itchiness caused on the skin.

Apply a paste made by mixing baking soda and water on the affected area of the skin. It proves to be one of the most excellent remedies for chigger bite.

Wash the area of the skin which is bitten by chiggers with water and soap. Then use a cotton ball soaked in Listerine mouthwash to be applied on the chigger bites. It gives a soothing and cooling effect to the skin.

Nail Polish which is used to decorate your nails may also be used to treat chigger bites. Yes, it is true. It helps in prevention of any scratching on the skin which may further aggravate the condition.

Similarly, Elmer’s Glue may also be used on the skin to serve the same purpose. It also helps in treating chigger bites well.

To get instant relief from the discomfort caused due to chigger bites, apply essential oils such as tea tree oil, thyme or lavender oil on the skin. These are all helpful in soothing down the skin irritations.

Deep cleanse the affected area of the skin and then apply some baby oil on it. It gives great relief from inflammation and irritation caused on the skin.

Olive oil mixed with tea tree oil proves to be one of best home remedies to treat chigger bites. It is completely safe and natural way of treating chigger bites.


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