Appearance of red spots or blisters over the entire body is a physical condition known as chicken pox. It has some other symptoms as well such as fatigue, fever and loss of appetite. It is mostly found in newborn babies, pregnant women and those who have low level of natural immunity. It is caused by the virus known as varicella-zoster. It is a communicable disease and may spread from one person to the other through contact.  Although chicken pox is a discomfiting condition of the body however it may be treated well by using some simple and effective home remedies.

Ginger- It may be used internally as well as externally. Take a warm water bath by adding ginger powder to your bath tub. It helps in getting rid of the dark spots as well as the itching and rashes caused due to them.

Internally, you may drink a solution which has been prepared by boiling ginger chinks in it. Strain the liquid and drink the same.

Baking soda- It is another effective ingredient which helps in offering relief from the itchiness and irritation caused on the skin. Mix baking soda in water and stir it well. Apply the solution thus prepared on the affected parts of the body and let it dry. It helps in neutralizing the effect of rashes and dark spots caused due to chicken pox.

Soup of carrot and coriander- A soup prepared by mixing carrots and coriander leaves is very beneficial in the treatment of chicken pox. The soup may be prepared by mixing chopped carrots and coriander leaves and boiling the same in water. The solution is strained and allowed to cool and consumed once in a day. Continue this for around one month for complete treatment of chicken pox.

Alternatively, you may eat boiled carrots and coriander leaves regularly to regain the lost strength.

Oatmeal bath- Take oatmeal in powdered form and mix it with two liters of water. Wait for 15 minutes and then pour this mixture into a cloth bag and close the same tightly. The bag is then dropped into a warm water bath tub and rotated till the color of water changes to milky color. Sit in the bath tub for some time to get relieve of itchiness and irritation.

Indian Lilac- It is one of the wonderful and effective home remedies for chicken pox. It is due to presence of anti-viral and medicinal properties in Indian Lilac. Blisters caused on the skin due to chicken pox are dried with the help of paste prepared from the Indian Lilac. Even you may add leaves of Indian Lilac to your bathing water to have similar benefits.

Honey- It is rather an easy and effective home remedy which helps in curing the symptoms of chicken pox quite fast. Apply pure honey on the affected areas of the skin 2-3 times a day and feel the difference.

Brown Vinegar- Soak your body in lukewarm water to which brown vinegar has been added. It helps you to get relieved of the irritation and also paces up the healing of lesions on the skin. The scars are also prevented from occurring on the skin with the help of this home remedy.

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