Almost all people know about chewing gum. Children and even adults may be found chewing it at one time or the other.  Sometimes you will even found chewing stuck to one of your favorite carpets or wooden surfaces or even your hairs or the skin. Like all others, you will also be worried and tensed about removing the chewing gum stuck at your place.  Many ideas will come to your mind but all of them may not be workable. So what to do in this case? Cheer up! Here are some effective ways or remedies to remove the chewing gum from any surface or place at your place and that too without causing any damage to it.

To remove chewing gum from hairs, use ice cubes to harden the chewing gum which can then easily be removed. Try to remove as much as chewing gum as possible when it becomes cold and hard.

Peanut butter may also be used to remove chewing gum from the hairs. Rub peanut butter on the affected parts of the hair and then wash them out.

Body lotion may be used to get rid of chewing gum from the leather seat or any leather surface.

Toothpaste which is used to clean your teeth is also advisable to remove chewing gum from hairs. Toothpaste makes chewing hum hard and facilitates its easy removal.

A sticky chewing gum stuck on any fabric may be removed with the help of an ice cube. Alternatively, place the garment or the cloth in a plastic bag to freeze the chewing gum. Then use a brush to remove the chewing gum.

Use some fuel such as petrol or kerosene to remove the chewing gum from the clothes. The gum gets dissolved with the help of the fuel which may then be removed easily.

To remove chewing gum from the skin, use peanut butter. Apply it over the skin and let it remain there for sometimes followed by removal with a tissue paper.

Heated vinegar is one of the best home remedies to remove chewing gum and its stains from the carpet. Take a brush and dip it in hot vinegar and use the same to remove chewing gum and its stains from the carpet.

Ice cubes packed in a plastic bag to which salt has been added may be placed over the chewing gum which is stuck to the carpet. Let it remain there for around half an hour and then slowly and gently scrape the gum off the carpet. It saves your carpet from any damage.

To remove chewing gum from the shoe sole or surface of shoes, you may use wooden stick and dry sand. Sprinkle some dry sand over the gum and rub t with the help of wooden stick. The gum starts coming out. Keep on sprinkling sand and rubbing it till the whole of gum is removed from the shoes.

Denatured alcohol may be used to remove the chewing gum from the floor or any other surface such as concrete, tiled or bricks. Wait for some time and use a metal scraper to remove the gum.     


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