Chest congestion is a disorder of the respiratory tract which is commonly found in almost all people during seasonal changes or during cold weather. Children are more prone to suffer from this problem due to low immunity. It is a type of infection in the respiratory tract which leads to obstruction in the supply of oxygen to the lungs. Consequently, the patient feels tightness or pressure in his/her chest.  Due to deposition of mucus in the lungs, the patient finds it difficult to breathe. This in turn makes him/her to cough continuously.  To get relief from chest congestion and the associated symptoms, some effective home remedies may be tried. These are even helpful in prevention of this disorder of respiratory tract.

Ginger tea- The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties contained in ginger help in offering great relief from pain and discomfort caused due to chest congestion. Prepare ginger tea by boiling fresh ginger cloves in water and consume the same 4-5 times in a day.

Steam- Inhale steam before going to bed to remain relaxed at night. It helps in loosening of the phlegm which can then be removed from the chest easily. Steam may be inhaled through a nebulizer or using a steamer. Adding few drops of some essential oil such as eucalyptus/lavender/peppermint to the steaming water, works wonder in providing relief from chest congestion.

Gargles-Gargling with warm water, to which salt has been added, is also beneficial. It is as beneficial as the steaming process. Repeat gargling twice or thrice a day.

Water- Stay hydrated especially when you are suffering from chest congestion. It helps in making mucus thin and hence provides relief from constant coughing. Prefer drinking lukewarm water as it is efficient in removing mucus from the lungs.

Pepper seeds- Consider chewing 2-3 black pepper seeds. It is rich in medicinal properties and hence helps in treating this problem well.

Alternatively, you may take a mixture of cumin seeds, salt and black pepper seeds. It is also a good remedy. Black pepper seeds may even be taken by mixing the same in warm milk to get rid of chest congestion.

Massaging- People who suffer from excessive chest congestion are advised to use some essential oils to massage their chest. It helps in soothing down the symptoms of this problem. Also the phlegm is loosened in this process. It is also beneficial in getting relief from pain and inflammation in the chest.

Citrus fruits- Since chest congestion is caused due to weak immunity therefore you may attack at the root cause by improving immunity of the body. For this, citrus fruits such as lime, pine apple, oranges and grapefruit are the best option. 

Yoga- You may carry out some yoga poses which are specifically aimed at stretching of the chest. These help in getting rid of chest congestion by improving the capacity of your lungs. Simple deep breathing exercises offer great results. 

These home remedies are completely safe and do not involve any chemicals or artificial ingredients. The ingredients or sources used for these home remedies are easily accessible. So next time you suffer from chest congestion, give these home remedies a try!

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