Cats are perhaps the beautiful and sweet pets which are liked by many people. Although cats are not dangerous or harmful for your house in any respect however the cat urine is the most unwanted thing for any cat owner. The smell of cat urine may make you feel irritated and annoyed. Also the possibility of the animal/pet to urinate again on the same place increases.  It is because cats use it as a signal or mark that it is their urinating place. To avoid this situation and to remove any stains or foul odor caused at your place due to cat urine, you may prefer using some effective home remedies.

You may try this home remedy involving vinegar, which is cheap as well as easy and effective to remove cat urine. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water and apply the same to the affected area. It helps in counteracting the smell of cat urine which is mostly caused due to ammonia content present in it.

Listerine mouth wash which is used to get rid of foul smell from the mouth is also efficient in getting rid of the smell of cat urine. It is equally effective for new as well as old cat urine stains.

Douche solution may also be used for the same purpose as it also helps in getting rid of odor of cat urine. Just sprinkle the liquid over the affected area and blot dry.

Prepare a mixture by combining citronella oil and rubbing alcohol along with warm water. Apply this mixture to the area where cat has urinated. You may wash or wipe down the affected area with this mixture and get it freed from cat urine smell.

Enzymatic cleaners prove to be another effective home remedy to have complete freedom from cat urine smell. These cleaners are obtainable from pet supply shop. You may clean floors, carpets or wooden surfaces with these cleaners by following the instructions given on the product. 

Peroxide is also another great home remedy in the list. You just need to pour some peroxide on the stain and rinse the same with warm water. Dry clean the area with the help of clean towel or cloth and expose the same to air for complete drying.

For linoleum floors, you may use soapy water to clean the cat urine. Use paper towels or mop for this purpose. Then use a sponge made wet with white vinegar and let it dry.

As far as wooden floors are concerned, these may be cleared by first wiping off all the mess so as to remove any dampness from the place. First clean the place with simple water and then use white vinegar/ Pine-sol or Lysol to remove cat urine smell. In the end, sponge the place with simple water and let it dry.

In case, cat has urinated on your clothes, let them launder in washing machine by adding white vinegar and cold water. Use laundry detergent for the second time and then again run the machine so as to remove the stain as well as odor of cat urine completely from the clothes.


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