Known as mouth ulcer too; Canker Sore Pain occurs in the mouth and gives painful sensations. It can trouble the persons with multiple numbers of cankers that are usually not infectious. Canker sore is usually encircled with red border and has a white-grey or yellow centre. It generally attacks the tongue and lips/cheeks from inside the mouth. Canker sore pains usually last for three or four days and generally occur because of certain drugs, minor injuries, spicy dishes or citrus fruits. Quite smaller in size, they may lead to serious fever or other complexities if not treated in time. Hence the doctor may be consulted if the problem is serious.

Different medicines including the allopathic ones are taken by the patients, yet the following home remedies and preventive steps are suggested as they do not harm in any manner.

Aloe – Extract some juice from this natural ingredient and rinse it over the canker number of times to get quick relief.

Cayenne Pepper - Capsaicin is much useful to desensitize the paining nerves. Cayenne Pepper with its abundant contents is much helpful to relieve from canker sore pains.

Sage – Mix the sage leaves or their powder to some boiling water. Rinse the mouth with the liquid frequently in a day and get total relief from painful Cankers. Its powder can be applied in a direct manner too.

Styptic Pencil – Like the seasoned barber, you too can use this pencil to numb the nerve endings that cause canker sore pains.

Baking soda, salt and hydrogen peroxide – Make an apt mixture with these ingredients and rinse the mouth frequently to say NO to Canker Sore Pains. If you feel the taste to be bitter, add some water and dilute it evenly before applying.

Lukewarm water – Add some salt to warm water and rinse the mouth to see good results. It helps to disinfect the mouth. Though annoying but placing some salt directly on the cankers speeds up healing process.

Ice – Rinsing your mouth with ice water also gives quick relief from Canker Sore Pain that put you to great trouble.

Minerals and vitamins – Add these two things to your daily diets and avoid Canker Sore Pains that often occur because of their deficiencies that may lead to mouth ulcers.

Acetaminophen, Aspirin or ibuprofen – Try these medicines with the advice of qualified physician.

Kaopectate & Benylin/Benadryl and Magnesia Milk – These two ingredients are able to coat the wet tissues. They act as gentle antihistamines and topical anesthetics that help to reduce inflammation. Make a mixture and apply onto the canker sores with cotton swab.

Avoid taking shellfish, nuts, tomatoes or chocolate as they aggravate the problem of canker sore pains.

Diverting the attention – Canker Sore Pains may disturb you badly and be much painful too. As such it is advised that you may get engaged in listening to music, watch the TV or involve yourself in some other activities like yoga etc. It will help to get relaxed from painful sensations.

It is highly recommended that smoking and alcohol should be avoided to get rid of Canker Sore Pains. Exercising, sufficient water and simple foods also help to stay away from this problem.


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