Candida albicans may be described as a natural occurrence that generally leads to growth of gentle yeast which develops in the gastrointestinal tract. The human physique is engulfed with small numbers of yeast that are controlled by the good bacteria and the strong immune system. However the number of Candida can grow in excess if the weakened immunity is unable to control them and the good bacteria are killed with antibiotics. The major causes responsible for Candida include excessive use of antibiotics, poor digestion and birth control etc. This ailment may lead to depression, diarrhea, excessive weight, skin diseases and food sensitivities etc. Other symptoms include deep fatigue, painful periods and paining knees.

Different medications and the following home remedies can go a long way in treating Candida –

Healthy diets – Always stick to simple foods enriched with nutrients and minerals. The contents of carbohydrates should be minimized. Intake of vitamins is also a must to keep the immune system in order to kill the bad bacteria that aggravates the ailment. Junk foods may also invite Candida so do avoid them.

Fiber – Foods enriched with fiber must be taken in regular manners.

Essential oils – Peppermint, oregano and other essential oils help greatly to get rid of Candida and overgrowth of yeast in the human physique. These oils are enriched with minerals and empower the immune system.

Garlic – This natural ingredient should be included in your daily diets. You can take it in the raw form too. It is a great home remedy for discouraging Candida to develop in your body. You can have it in combination with volatile oils too.

Changes in lifestyle – Persons challenged with overgrowth of yeast must initiate the requisite changes in their day to day living and other activities. Many of us just go on working without getting involved in physical work. We must go in for simple exercises, long walks and other tasks that involve our body and its parts.

Avoid excessive drinks as they also aggravate the problem. Moreover, alcohol is enriched with plenty of sugar in it. As such it should be avoided if you are suffering from overgrowth of yeast.

Make us of tonics that strengthen your immune system. Consult your physicians and get checked up at regular intervals.

Minimize sugar – Intake of sugar increases the level of Candia. As such, taking fruits should be restricted as they contain plenty of sugar. Growth of yeast is enhanced with lactose that is contained in milk; it should also be taken in less quantity if you are challenged with the problem of Candida. Melons and other fruits with contents of sugar should be kept at distance.

Relaxation – Take some time breaks and go on vacations so that you get energized. Continued work without any rest leads to exhaustion and fatigue that must be got rid of.

Positivity – People with positive thoughts are able to possess good bacteria while the pessimistic ones may be attacked with Candida.

Simple food, gentle exercises, nutrients and optimism are the best methods to say NO to Candida that leads to overgrowth of yeast.


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