Popular as trimethylxanthine in medical terms, Caffeine is found mostly in coffee, tea, beans, fruits and nuts etc. Its taste is little bitter and is available in different carbonated beverages like colas. It is a crystalline compound that gets absorbed quickly into the physique. It is used for different over-the-counter medicines and food products too. Many people become addicted to Caffeine that seems to refresh them. But its excessive use often puts adverse effects by damaging the nervous system. As hasty withdrawal of caffeine may lead to depression, drowsiness, vomiting, headaches and other complications; so its use can be reduced with certain medications and preventive steps.

Following remedies may prove fruitful to restrict the intake of Caffeine.

Green Tea – You can get rid of excessive intake of caffeine by having green tea that does not create any harm to the physique. It benefits the human physique in many ways.

Ginseng – This natural ingredient helps us by opening the blood vessels that is a must for even growth of the body.

Minerals – Calcium and magnesium energize us to great extent. As such sufficient quantity of dried herbs, bran (wheat, rice and oat), molasses, Brazil nuts and pumpkin etc must be added to our food.

 Breathing – The levels of oxygen can be increased with right nostril breathing. It helps to improve blood glucose levels and blood pressure too. Such activities help to have less caffeine.

Yoga – People that engage themselves in yoga feel relaxed as it helps to balance the blood pressure and heart rate. Those who intend to quit Caffeine but are afraid of headaches etc must stick to Restorative Yoga.

Water – If you intend to reduce intake of caffeine have plenty of water at frequent intervals. This will help you to restrict the habit of caffeine.

Exercising – Simple exercises including jogging or long walks help to energize your body and enhance the level of oxygen. It is much useful to refresh your bodies and reduce intake of caffeine.

Relaxation – Sufficient rest helps to reduce stress and fulfill your physical and mental requirements. You will feel relaxed and hence do not ask for more caffeine.

Enjoy your mornings with entertaining music and other ways rather than having caffeine etc.

Be positive, enhance your self-confidence and say NO to caffeine, colas and other carbonated drinks.

Reduce stress with deep breathing, clapping your hands or other simple tasks instead of taking caffeine or colas etc.

Craving for caffeine and colas etc can be decreased through meditation too. Prayers often help to do anything but have the strong will to quite caffeine, it will definitely help you.

Do not just get involved in excessive intake of caffeine in the company of your friends or relatives that are used to it. It is good to accompany them but not at the cost of your health.  

Excessive use of caffeine is harmful and must be restricted. The above tips and remedies will help the people that intend to quit caffeine. 

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