Known as Clergyman's Knee, Housemaid's Knee or Baker's Cyst; Bursitis may be referred to as the painful inflammation related to bursa. Bursa is a small bag that is filled with fluid which protects the tendons and muscles from irritation because of contact with the bones. The excessive strain, kneeling on the hard floor and repeatedly resting the elbow on hard surface can lead to bursitis that often results in arthritis. This ailment can affect the ankles, shoulders, hip, elbow, heels or the base of the big toe. Persons suffering from Bursitis often complain of swelling around the joints, restricted movements in the affected joints and sometimes fever due to infection. People challenged with this ailment mistake it for arthritis because of its painful effects and stiffness, but it is quite different.

Certain home remedies and preventive steps are much useful to deal with Bursitis.

Orange Juice – The contents of vitamin C and other nutritious elements in this juice energize us greatly. Vitamin C helps to repair the injured parts. Its deficiency may lead to hindrance for maintaining the bursa. As such, orange juice is a must for the persons that suffer from Bursitis.

Pineapple – With the contents of bromelain, pineapples are the best remedy to control this ailment. Bromelain, the enzyme helps to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Turmeric – Curcumin, the yellow pigment in this natural ingredient helps to control inflammation. As such, turmeric is highly recommended for the patients of Bursitis that can be discouraged with its regular use.

Ice Packs – Ice helps to reduce pain and swelling. Any part that is attacked with Bursitis should be covered with ice packs to get quick relief.

Warming up – Warm up the affected area with heat packs after calming down swelling.

Relaxation – Persons suffering from Bursitis problems must give sufficient rest to the affected joints and other parts.

Proper fitting shoes – Always wear the shoes that fall in line with the size of your feet and avoid ill-fitting ones. Women should restrict wearing sandals or shoes with high heels.

Change positions – People sometimes continue lying in the same positions that often leads to Bursitis. It is suggested that they should change their positions after frequent intervals.

Breaks from work – It is recommended that frequent breaks from physical work should be initiated. The workers in particular should take sufficient rest after working for considerable time. It can be resumed after short breaks.

Exercising – Exercising should be resumed only after recovery from painful Bursitis and its side effects. However, the exercises meant for flexibility of the muscles may be continued.

Apt techniques – Sports such as golf or tennis and other physical activities involve use of shoulders and other joints. It should be ensured that apt techniques are adopted while engaging in them.

It is advised that the above tips and precautionary steps are adhered to by those who suffer from Bursitis. They must try the usual pain relievers like naproxen, ibuprofen or aspirin etc that help to reduce pain and swelling. Staying away from fried foods and taking vitamins & minerals also help to get rid of this painful problem


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