All of us swallow plenty of air that goes down the stomach. When it leaves the body, the process is called as eructation or Burping. While the excessive air is being pushed out from the stomach through the throat and the mouth it produces certain sounds too. Burping is a simple process through which the swallowed air is pushed out from the stomach. Burping occurs due to certain gastrointestinal disorders or other reasons including gastritis, ulcer, hernia, hiatal or gallstones. If any infant happens to burp in excess, the doctor must be consulted for necessary medications and advice.

Certain home remedies and precautionary measures as under can help to deal with Burping as far as infants are concerned.

Caraway – Take some caraway seeds and let the infant have them by mixing it into milk or juice. It helps to improve the digestive system.

Cumin – Make an apt mixture of fennel, celery seed and cumin and administer it to the infants to relieve from excessive burping.

Ginger – Prepare a good ginger tea by adding some lime juice to it and give it to the youngster for early recovery from excessive burping.  

Lemon juice – Add little lime juice to baking soda by mixing water into them and give it to the infants.

Peppermint – This natural ingredient also gives good results.

Papaya – With the contents of an enzyme, i.e. papain, the infants can be saved from burping if it is given to them.

Yogurt – Giving this natural ingredient to the babies protects them from excessive burping that sometimes leads to complications.

Avoid cold – The infants must be saved from cold as it leads to excess swallowing of air. Let their nasal passages be kept clear at all times. The kids should be prevented from cold viruses.

Prevent Straw – Giving drinks through straw increases the quantum of swallowed air, so avoid it.

Sufficient relaxation – Let the infants breathe in slow manners as it will help them to take less air through their throat and mouth.

Avoid bubbly beverages – Stop giving any carbonated beverages to the kids as they produce extra air that has to leave the stomach through burping.

Avoid giving chewing gum or lollipops to the infants as these things stimulate swallowing of air and result in burping.

Excessive air in the infant’s stomach is a matter of great concern for the parents. As such feed them slowly. They should be made to suck milk in slow phases so that excessive air does not enter their stomach that has to be emptied through burping.

Do not engage the infants in talks or other activities while they are being fed as it may make them to swallow excessive air and push it out.

Let the infants remain active. This formula also works well as making the infants to sleep immediately after feeding aggravates the problem.

The parents should maintain a diary and note down the juices or other items that are given to the infants as many of them may enhance burping.


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