Human beings get involved in activities that expose them to heat, fire and equipments that run on electricity or other modes. Few persons sometimes fall become victims of burns due to sudden fire, faulty electric connections or other incidents. Many ladies often suffer from serious burns while cooking while the men are also no exception to this. Same is true with the people who work as welders or electricians as they are exposed to fire and other serious problems that result in burns on their bodies. These conditions need to be addressed carefully by fighting the harmful effects of burns and treating them with proper medications and ointments etc. Preventive measures are also a must to stay away from the reasons that are responsible for the burns.

We can get sufficient relief from the painful effects of burns by following the below mentioned remedies and precautionary steps.

Aloe Vera – Apply this directly on the burns and get quick relief. The soothing and rejuvenating features of this natural ingredient help to give comfort and cool the burnt skin. Apply it in a continuous manner until your get complete relief.

Banana – Put a banana peel on the burn and see the best results.

Yogurt – You will get complete relief from the painful effects of burns by using it.

Calendula – This anti-inflammatory and antiseptic product speeds up the heeling process and saves form infection.

Egg White Coat – Cover the burn with egg white and see the excellent results as you will have complete relief from pain.

Honey – Cover the burn with honey. This antiseptic product expedites healing of the burns. It cools down the burns and eliminates pain.

Ice Pack – Cover the burns with ice packs to cool them down and get complete relief from pain.

Lavender Oil – Apply this oil by mixing it into olive or almond oil. Beware to clean the burn before its application.

Milk – Soak the burns in milk for some time and see the best results as the contents of fat soothe the burns and give quick relief.

Rubbing mustard on the affected areas gives quick relief. It takes away the pain and decreases scarring and blisters.

Oatmeal – Itching can be eliminated by taking bath by adding oatmeal into hot water.

Plantain leaves – Burns can be treated evenly with these leaves by applying their juice onto them after crushing them.

Salt – Rinsing the burns in salt water for some time gives relief.

Tea Bags – With the contents of tannic acids in them, tea bags can work wonders to soothe the burns and draw out heat.

Vinegar – Take a piece of cloth and soak in diluted water. Place the cloth on the burns and see the amazing results.

White Colgate Toothpaste – Apply it gently onto the burns and get sufficient relief from burning sensations.

Potato – Take some potato slices and place over the burns. The burns will be neutralized with the starch that exists in the potatoes. It would prevent scarring.

Be careful while using kitchen appliances, electric / electronic equipments and other items that involve use of power or fire. Always install the fire-fighting equipments in your homes and offices. Do not forget to have the first aid boxes too. Bring home some soothing ointments too to make their use in emergent situations that may result in burns because of outbreak of fire due to faulty electric connections or leakage of gas.


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