Many people complain of burning sensations related to their feet that are much troublesome and make the movements bit difficult. Burning Red Feet may be referred to as the condition wherein the affected persons feel uneasy and suffer badly. Poor circulation of blood in the lower parts of the body may be the reason behind Burning Red Feet that cause painful sensations. Weariness and damaged nerves are also the cause of this condition that may affect because of excessive heating effects, nerve disorders, diabetes or the jobs that require standing for prolonged periods. Usually the elder people are affected with this ailment but the youngsters are also no exception.

People take varied medicines to get relieved from the painful effects of Burning Red Feet. The following remedial steps and medications are also quite effective for this ailment.

Cold Soak – Soak your feet in cold water for about twenty minutes and get relieved from burning sensations.

Exercising – The problem of Burning Red Feet occurs due to obstruction in the circulation of blood to the body.  Exercising and other physical activities are a must to improve the blood circulation and get relieved from this painful condition.

Chromium - Instable blood sugar often leads to Burning Red Feet. This mineral, i.e. chromium helps to balance the level blood sugar in the human bodies.

Ginger – This natural herb also shows excellent results as it regulates the blood circulation. It can be massaged on the affected feet by grinding it. Mix its juice with warm oils of vegetables, olive or coconut and massage on the affected feet and legs. 

Hawthorne – It is a wonderful treatment to manage the circulation of blood in an even manner. It is helpful to dilate the blood vessels. Prepare its tea and have on regular basis to get quick relief.

Drying up the feet – The problem of Burning Red Feet occurs because of synthetic and inapt sized shoes. Always use cotton socks that absorb sweat. Prefer to have shoes as per the size of your feet. It will save you from the burning sensations. Buy the shoes with soft and cushioned soles.

Massaging – Reduce the pain of Burning Red Feet by massaging your feet in regular manners. Massage the feet soles evenly.

Thyme – Add some quantity of fresh thyme in water and put your feet in it for some time. Repeat it twice or thrice in a day and continue the process for few days. It will relieve you from the burning sensations because of Burning Red Feet.

Vitamin B1 and B3 – Take these vitamins on regular basis. It energizes the nerves and prevents them from breaking. Take beans, peas, milk, egg yolk, yoghurt and other nutrients and say Good-Bye to painful sensations because of Burning Red Feet.

Walk barefoot – Give an acupressure on the legs and increase the circulation of blood by walking barefoot on the soft green grass. This will give sufficient relief. But avoid walking barefoot on rough surfaces or floors.

Simple and nutritious food, exercising and staying away from fried foods, alcohol and smoking can give sufficient relief. Follow the above tips too to say  NO to this problem.


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