We often come across many people whose face becomes red and they suffer from burning sensations. Few of them suffer from Burning Red Cheeks that may be due to many reasons. Hot sun rays are also responsible for the cheeks to become red and trouble the people. The cheeks turn red in color because of the excessive heat of the sun that is just intolerable. This may be due to excessive inflammation caused because of heating effects. People exposed to jobs involving heating features may also have Burning Red Cheeks. Another reason for this condition may be stress or strong emotions that make the cheeks red and burning too.

Different types of traditional medications are available in the market to get relieved from this ailment. However the following remedies and precautionary methods may also be tried as they are free from any adverse effects and do not cost much.

You can be relieved much by using a cold wet compress on the burning red cheeks.

Applying Aloe gel on the burning red cheeks as it cools them down to great extent. It reduces the heating effects of the sun and other substances. Apply a thick layer to get best results.

Add some drops of lavender oil to Aloe Gel and apply the mixture on the burning red cheeks to obtain excellent results.

Take some honey and heat in the microwave for some time. Spread it onto the burning red cheeks. Adding some turmeric to it also gives best result and relieves from the pains due to the burning red cheeks.

Using Arnica gel is also much useful to get soothing effects and relief from burning red cheeks because of excessive heat and other reasons.

Rubbing cold milk or cucumber on the burning red cheeks relieves from acute pain and burning sensations.

Turmeric paste is also much helpful.

Vitamin E can also give best results. You can use its oil by applying it onto the burning red cheeks.

Peppermint oil also soothes from burning red cheeks.

Apply mustard oil on the affected cheeks and wash it afterwards.

Prepare a paste by mixing yogurt, barley and turmeric in equal proportions. Apply it onto the burning red cheeks and see the results yourself.

Take some coconut oil and rub on the affected cheeks.

Take cucumber puree and tomatoes. Grind them and prepare a paste along with lemon juice. Applying its two coats without removing the first on the burning red cheeks will take out heat and reduce the pain too. Repeat the process for about one week and see the outstanding results.

Lemon juice and honey soothe the burning red cheeks if they are applied in combined form.

People with burning red cheeks may adopt the above preventive steps and home remedies to get quick relief from the horrible sensations. They must stay away from hot sun rays that often lead to this ailment. Intake of enough quantity of water is also much helpful.

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