Known as scalding mouth syndrome, stomatopyrosis, glossodynia, stomatodynia, oral galvanism or burning mouth syndrome (BMS) too; Burned Tongue may be referred to as a burning sensation in the mouth that attacks the tongue, inner parts of the cheeks, lips and sometimes the whole of the mouth too. Basically taking too hot foods leads to this problem that is caused due to deficiency of nutrients. Inapt medication, spicy foods, damage of nerves, allergies, use of tobacco, diabetes, dental disorders, over brushing of the tongue or bad oral habits also lead to Burned Tongues. Persons affected with this ailment complain of dryness, burning sensations, enhanced thirst, taste-loss and other problems.

People suffering from Burned Tongue often take the traditional medicines that sometimes put adverse effects. The following risk-free home remedies are cheap and give good results.

Apple – Cold apple juice is much effective to cool the burning sensations if the mouth is rinsed with it.

Aloe Vera – Burned tongue can be cooled down by applying it on it at least thrice a day.

Baking Soda – Brush your teeth with this soda to see good results.

 Black Tea – Soak some tea bags in boiled water and apply them on the burned tongue to get early relief. The contents of tannic acid in the tea absorb the heat.

Echinacea – Burned tongue can be easily cured with this herb.

Glycerin – Apply it over the burned tongue and feel relaxed.

Honey – Apply it as an ointment to reduce inflammation.

Herbal Juices – Juices of worm wood, dandelion, black radish, plantain and nettle etc help to reduce inflammation due to burned tongue.

Ice Cubes – Apply these cubes onto the burned tongue to cool it down. Holding some cold water in the mouth for some time also helps to get relief from burning sensations.

Lavender Oil – Burned Tongue can be cooled down effectively by applying this oil with cotton dabs.

Nutrients – Taking good food enriched with nutrients, vitamins, zinc and other healthy elements helps to reduce the effects of Burned Tongue.

Papaya – Burns of the tongue can be healed with papaya that cools down the burned tongue.

Sugar-free gum: Chew this gum to get enough relief from burning sensations.

Triphala – Gargling with the mixture of triphala and babool helps to get quick relief from the burned tongue.

Tabasco sauce – Add some drops of Tabasco sauce into water and rinse the mouth to get relief form burned tongue. With the contents of capsaicin, this product helps to relieve the painful effects.

Water – Intake of sufficient water also helps to cool down the painful effects of burned tongue.

Yogurt – This natural healer is also useful to get quick relief.

Avoid taking acidic foods.

Potato chips etc should be avoided.

The above remedial steps and home remedies are not only cheap but also facilitate fruitful results to get relief from the paining burned tongue. Avoid taking alcohol and stay away from smoking too.

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