Small insects or germs, known as Bugs often create physical problems and pains to the humans by biting them. Being minute in size, we often overlook or ignore them. But these small creatures are much harmful as they make us to cry due to the acute pains. Spiders, wasps, bees or mosquitoes may be there in the gardens, bathrooms, public places or other locations that are visited by us. We often do not pay much attention to these small beings but their existence may prove too hazardous as their bites may lead to complications if not cared for because the harmful venom left by them may sometimes prove fatal. As such we must be cautious about the bugs that often harm us with their injurious bites that are too dangerous.

You can prefer to take any traditional medicine to get relief from bug bites. Try the following home remedies and precautionary methods too that are cheap, risk-free and soothing too.

Ammonia – Get rid of the venom caused due to bug bites by using Ammonia in an even manner.

Activated Charcoal – Charcoal paste works well to get relief from painful bug bites.

Aspirin – Applying paste prepared by mixing crushed aspirin into water helps to relief from pain and swelling.

Baking Soda- Painful effects due to the venom because of bug bites can be got rid of with this soda by applying its paste on the affected area.

Copper Pennies – Placing copper penny on the affected area also works well to get relief from pain.

Essential Oils – Applying clove/basil/tea tree or lemon essential oils on the affected areas give wonderful results to say no to pains because of bug bites.

Epsom Salt and Honey – Even application of paste prepared by mixing Epsom salt and honey relieves from the painful bug bites.

Mud – Make a paste by adding some mud into water. It helps to draw out the poison due to the bug bites.

Meat Tenderizer – Add it into water and apply the paste on the affected areas to see the wonderful results.

Onion Poultice – Cook the onion in little water and wrap it in cheesecloth. Place it over the affected area to get quick relief.

Plantain – Chew the leaves to make little juice. Apply it onto the area affected with bug bites. It will reduce pains.

Raw Potato – Cut a potato and place it on the stings. It will relieve you from the painful effects of the bug bites.

Sugar – Using sugar cubes also gives good results to say NO to pains caused due to bug bites.

Tobacco Dip – Use of tobacco dips, tobacco juice and wet tobacco also works well to pull out the sting because of the bug bites.

These wonderful home remedies cost too less but provide excellent results. Anybody affected with bug bites must try them and get relieved form the acute pains because of the bug bites that are much harmful. They should be cared for immediately otherwise they may lead to complications at later stages.

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