Bruises may be referred to as contusion or discoloration of the skin. It exists in the shape of blue, purplish red or black marks that appear on the skin. Bruises occur due to some injuries that damage the small blood vessels resulting in leakage of blood onto the adjoining tissues that are located under the skin surface. The blood vessels near the surface of the skin may be broken due to some blows thereby the adjoining tissues being affected with leakage of blood.  Fragile skin, exercising, injuries or accidents may lead to bruises that result in pains and scars on the skin.

Bruises exist in the form of scars that may be eliminated with the following home remedies that do not harm in any way.

Aloe Vera – The painful bruises and swelling can be eliminated by applying its gel on the affected areas.

Bilberry Extracts – The scars due to bruises can be got rid of with this natural herb that energizes you with Vitamin C too.

Cabbage – It helps greatly in reducing the swelling and eliminating the bruises. Apply the macerated leaves of cabbage on the affected areas to get quick relief.

Cayenne Pepper & Vaseline – Mix some cayenne pepper into melted Vaseline and apply the mixture on the bruises to say them Good-Bye.

Citrus fruits – Take sufficient oranges and apples that help to rejuvenate the skin’s elasticity. They are useful for energizing the veins, capillaries and arteries too.

Comfrey Leaves – Prepare its paste and apply on the bruises. Repeat the process and wash it with warm water to see the bruises leaving your skin.

Cold compressing also helps greatly to get rid of painful bruises.

Egg – Roll a boiled egg on the bruise after peeling it off. You will get quick relief form swelling.

Garlic – The antibiotic features of garlic help to get quick relief from bruises and their pains. You can take in any form.

Ice Pack – Apply ice on the bruises to get excellent results.

Lard – Bruises can be got rid of with a mixture of lard and salt.

Lavender Oil – Apply this oil on the bruises by soaking a cloth in it. It helps to reduce swelling when mixed with cold water that decreases acute pains.

Mullein Flowers - Steep some mullein flowers in olive oil and boil it to room temperature. Apply the mixture for reducing swelling and make the bruises to fade away quickly.

Onion – Bruises can be eliminated by applying the inner parts of the onion onto them. But beware not to do this on the wounded bruises.

Pineapple – Taking it regularly helps to remove the bruises.

Parsley – Apply crushed parsley on the bruised area and see the wonderful results.

Tea bags – Tea bags of chamomile or sage tea give good results by putting them on the bruises after soaking in warm water.

Witch Hazel – It helps to increase circulation of blood. Add it into warm water and bathe to heal the bruises.

Vanilla – Vanilla extracts give relief from bruises if it is applied in an even manner. It helps in reducing the swelling too.

Warm Water – Pain and swelling can go away if warm water is applied on the bruises with a cotton ball or cloth after soaking.

Swelling, pain and discoloration of the skin can be got rid of with the above harmless remedies that are cheap and soothing too. 

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