Teeth, the small white pieces are the major part of our bodies that enable us to chew the eatables and other things before digesting the same. A set of beautiful teeth is a matter of great pride for the ones that are blessed with the same. However, many people often suffer from injuries or other incidents that result in breaking, fracturing or chipping of their teeth that cause great pain and inconvenience. If the pain is serious then immediate medical assistance is a must. Caring for the broken tooth is a must otherwise it may lead to complications at later stages.

Following steps and remedies may prove greatly worthwhile in treating the broken tooth and get rid of the pain on instant basis.

It is suggested that the broken pieces of the affected tooth may be saved by distinguishing them from other substances like remains of food in your mouth. This may save the broken tooth with the help of dentists that may suggest apt methods.

Apply ice packs to the broken tooth to kill the pain.

Use of clove oil by applying it onto the affected area due to broken tooth gives excellent results. Clove oil helps to kill the bacteria. Contents of eugenol act as local anesthetics. Chew and keep them on to the affected areas and see the amazing results.

Toothache due to broken tooth can be minimized with the help of tea bags that relieve you form infection and bacterial infections. Place them on the affected areas because of broken tooth.

Garlic Juice also helps to get rid of pain due to broken tooth. It helps in fighting infection that may cause many problems.

Use of acetaminophen or aspirin is also useful for quick relief from painful effects of broken tooth.

A paste prepared from ginger, red (cayenne) pepper and some water may be applied with a cotton ball on the area affected due to broken tooth. It will soothe the pain and kill infection and bacteria.

Rinsing the mouth with tincture of myrrh helps to get rid of bacterial effects and other germs. It helps greatly to get quick relief from acute pain because of broken tooth.

Making use of peppermint tea also helps to say NO to pain due to broken tooth. It helps to kill bacteria and other germs.

Using hydrogen peroxide solution is also useful.

Clean the affected area with warm water by adding some salt into it. It will reduce the pain and swelling too that often occurs because of broken tooth.

Pain due to broken tooth can be reduced with the help of softened chewing gum that may be wrapped around the exposed area. This may help in holding the broken tooth into its original place if you have preserved the piece with you.

Use of cold compress may also give amazing results.

Broken tooth can be repaired or replaced with dental veneers, crown or caps, filling or bonding and root canal etc. Choice is yours.

The above remedies can help the patients to get quick relief from the painful conditions because of broken tooth due to injuries or other incidents.

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