Bresol (Pack of 2)

Bresol (Pack of 2)

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Wish to get rid of respiratory problems? Try Bresol Tablets

Respiratory problems are common now-a-days due to increasing environmental pollution. Also wrong eating habits and inactive lifestyle sometimes leads to respiratory problems. Some people suffer from respiratory problems due to family history of the disease. Apart from this, some other problems relevant to lungs, nasal passage or sometimes even heart may also become causative factors for respiratory problems.

Sometimes the problem may be mild which can be treated with the administration of some light medicines. But people who suffer from respiratory problems constantly need to get a permanent cure for this problem. And it is best to use natural products for such a problem as these are free from any side-effects. Such products are made available by the Himalaya Company. To combat respiratory problems, Bresol tablets may be used. These provide a perfect solution for almost all types of breathing problems.

Key ingredients used in the preparation of Bresol Tablets

As stated above these tablets have been prepared by using natural ingredients so that the users may experience any side-effects on other body organs.

Holy Basil - Commonly known as Tulsi in Indian households, it has been used to prepare bresol tablets owing to the antihistaminic properties of this herb. It helps in prevention of the problem of bronchaspasms caused due to pollens or such other allergic elements in the respiratory tract. It is also rich in anti-oxidant properties and hence stops production of nitric oxide in the body. This in turn is useful in the treatment of respiratory problems caused due to allergies.

Turmeric - It is also known as Haridara and is found in almost all households in India. Turmeric helps in obstruction of a protein complex named as NF-Kappa B due to presence of curcumin in it. This protein-complex is known to be associated with asthma and allergies responsible for various breathing problems.

Malabar Nut or Vasaka - It is rich in alkaloids which make it rich in bronchodilatory properties. It is used as a mucolytic and helps in making mucus sputum thin and also reduces cough. It is great to ease the breathing process for those who suffer from any respiratory problems.

Use of Bresol Tablets

  1. It helps in providing relief from almost all types of respiratory problems.
  2. Bresol Tablets are great to provide relief from all the symptoms associated with respiratory problems such as inflammation and pain during breathing.
  3. Bresol Tablets help in boosting immunity of the body and hence makes it able to fight against various types of allergies which lead to respiratory problems.
  4. Bresol Tablets are quite efficient in providing relief from respiratory problems by reducing the viscosity of mucus. It also helps in reducing the resistance caused in the breathing airways due to allergy or some other respiratory problem. This in turn helps in providing relief from congestion caused in nasal passage as well as bronchioles.
  5. Bresol tablets are also rich in antimicrobial properties and hence fights against the gram-positive as well as gram-negative bacteria which leads to respiratory infections.

Bresol Tablets help in providing relief from stuffy nose or allergic rhinitis. It also helps in the treatment of Pollen allergy, Allergic bronchitis and Bronchial asthma.

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