Also popular as brass founder's ague; zinc chills; Monday morning fever; galvo; spelter shakes; polymer fume fever; metal ague and  teflon shakes, Brass Chills may be defined as a disorder related to the particular jobs that involve breathing of finely divided vapors or particles of metal oxides. Other names for this problem are Metal Fume Fever, Brass Founders’ ague and Metal Dust Fever. The workers that are exposed to this disease often inhale fumes and particles of metallic oxides and suffer from chills, fever, muscle aches, headache, nausea, joint pains, chest pain, shortness of breath and cough etc. Other problems related with this ailment include yellow skin, yellow eyes, vomiting, rash and low blood pressure etc. Metals like magnesium and zinc oxide are the prime sources of such particles that are breathed by the workers that are engaged in heating or welding of certain metals.

There are certain treatments including the traditional medicines for treatment of this disease. The patients suffering from this ailment may go in for the following remedies and precautionary measures.

First aids – Large or small units that employ labor for accomplishing heating, welding of metals or other related jobs should have first aids in their companies for emergent treatments.

Bed Rest – The workers affected with Brass Chills must be given bed rest to recover from its side effects that often lead to fever or other related ailments.

Harmful effects of welding related jobs can be reduced by taking milk that decreases the effects to great extent.

The problem of Brass Chills can be addressed by avoiding direct contact with the toxic fumes. They must stay away from such elements that may damage their health.

Respirators – The companies that are engaged in welding or heating of certain metals should install personal protective equipments for the safety of their workers to save them from Brass Chills and its dangerous effects.

Improved engineering controls – It is recommended that the latest systems including exhaust ventilation etc must be installed in the organizations that deal in metals and their welding or heating etc.

Workers’ education – It is the duty of the employers to ensure that their workers have sufficient knowledge regarding this harmful ailment, i.e. Brass Chills that can ruin their lives.

Symptomatic Therapy – Brass Chills often result in headaches or other diseases that must be cured with the apt medicines and symptomatic therapy that include aspirin etc.

Apt apparatus – Jobs related with fabrication, welding and casting of steel and other metals involve exposure to the harmful particles that often attack the workers. The managements of such units must ensure that the equipments like the rechargeable batteries must of the latest technologies to save the workforce from any side effects. The NiCd batteries are now being replaced by NiMH ones while the Zinc or Nickel are being used for cadmium plating jobs.

The managements of the units involved in casting, welding or other jobs related to steel and other metals must take appropriate steps to ensure that their workers are saved from Brass Chills, the dangerous disease. 

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