Brahmi (Pack of 2)

Brahmi (Pack of 2)

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Nourish brain nerves with Brahmi capsules

Mind and body are deeply associated with each other. The functions and activities of both are closely interlinked. Any changes in one aspect have immediate and direct effects on the health of the other. Therefore, to keep both aspects working properly, good health of both mind and brain is quite important. Body gets proper nourishment from the foods and drinks that we take. These are supplied to brain as well. At the same time, it is also true that mind or brain needs to be more active so as to command various body parts or organs to carry out their functions properly. 

For this, some tonic or source of extra supplements is required and it is available in the form of Brahmi capsules by Himalaya Herbals. As indicated by the name, Brahmi capsules have been prepared from the tree named as Brahmi or Bacopa Monnieri. It is found to be quite effective in strengthening the mind by providing all the nutrients required for its proper functioning. It increases memory of a person and also relieves mind of stress and anxiety.

Major ingredients of Brahmi capsules

As stated already, Brahmi capsules have been prepared from an herb named Brahmi which has been used for making nervous system strong from times unknown. It also helps in treating some mild disorders of the brain or mind such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Some of the constituents contained in Brahmi herb are saponins, monnierin and hersaponin. Apart from this, it also contains alkaloids including herpestine, brahmine, and nicotine. These ingredients are rich in various properties such as sedative, pharmacological, cardiotonic and hemolytic properties. These properties prove to be beneficial for brain in different ways.

Benefits of using Brahmi capsules

Brahmi capsules prove to be an apt nervine tonic which helps in increasing mental capability of the user. It improves academic performance by enhancing learning capacity.

Brahmi is rich in anti-anxiety properties as well and hence helps in getting rid of stress, anxiety and tension. It even helps in calming down restless children.

Brahmi capsules are equally efficient for the elderly people who suffer from the problem of weakness of memory. It helps in retaining the memorizing capacity of the brain by making available all the nutrients required for remembering things.

Due to anxiolytic properties contained in Brahmi capsules, these help in getting rid of nervous agitation and irritation.

Brahmi capsules are also effective in the treatment of some psychological disorders such as anxiety, epilepsy and psychosis.

Brahmi capsules help a person to retain new information for longer time. It is done by increasing the level of glutamic acid and GABA or gamma-amino-butyric acid in the brain. Both these factors combined help in fast and efficient learning process.

Brahmi capsules also provide relief from mental fatigue which may be caused due to over-working or restlessness.  

Brahmi capsules are rich in anti-oxidant properties due to presence of saponins in the ingredients contained in the capsules. It is helpful in enhancing neural transmission in the brain thereby pacing up the process of protein-production responsible for memory. Same ingredient is also found to be effective in fighting against free radicals of in the brain cells thereby retaining normal memory.

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