Known as osteophytes, Bone Spurs refer to the additional bones that often occur in the form of raised projection because of wear & tear and uninterrupted pressure of the bones. These spurs are usually found on the hands, shoulders, joints, knees, feet, hips or the spine and cause acute pain and rigidness of the affected part. Generally they attack the feet, especially the heels. Persons suffering from this ailment are unable to make free movements because of obstruction due to these spurs. Bone spurs exist due to tissue degeneration, aging, physiological changes, usual wear & tear, calcium changes, overweight, excessive use of joints because of physical activities and other various reasons. Weakened muscles, softened tendons and torn cartilage also result in Bone Spurs. They may lead to numbness, corns and calluses in the foot

This bone ailment can be treated easily with the following precautionary measures and home remedies that do not put any adverse effects.

Arnica Oil – Regular massaging with this oil and chamomile herbs decoction on the affected joints give excellent result to get rid of pain due to the bone spurs

Cold Pack – Bone Spurs can be cured easily by applying ice pack onto the projected area by pressing them softly. It enables easily flow of blood.

Dietary changes with intake of nutrients, healthy foods, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, proteins and other healthy elements must be initiated. Sufficient intake of water is also a good remedy. Fried and other harmful foods must be avoided.

Epsom Salt – It goes a long way in getting rid of Bone Spurs and their pains. Add some salt into hot water and bathe.

Exercising – Simple exercising including asanas and yoga help to lower the Bone Spurs and related pains.

Flaxseeds – Make a hot pack with these seeds and apply on the affected part.

Footbath – Persons suffering from Bone Spurs on the feet or heels should put their feet in hot water that will help to reduce pains.

Foot care – Bone Spurs usually attack the feet and the heels. As such care of the feet is a must for which tight shoes must be avoided. Use the heel paid shoe inserts that support the ankles and give relief from bone spurs.

Linseed oil – Soak a cloth in warm linseed oil and keep it on the affected area for quick relief.

Turmeric – Bone Spurs can be got rid of by using turmeric on regular basis as it is much helpful to relieve from pains.

Warm Up – Warming up the affected region due to Bone Spurs also helps to get relief from painful conditions.

Weight Loss – The pressure on the affected area can be reduced greatly by maintaining your weight evenly. It works well with bone spurs related to the feet and heels.

Fill a bottle with frozen water and move around the foot and heels affected due to Bone Spurs, You will feel much relaxed.

Use of cushions on the lower part of the bed and placing a small stool below the desk also helps you to get relief form bone spurs and their painful effects.

You can say NO to Bone Spurs by following the above few tips and adopting the home remedies that are too beneficial. 

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