Bone Knitting may be referred to as the healing process related to the fractured bones that get broken due to some injury or other physical activity. It is meant to infiltrate the bone forming cells into the area suffering from breakage. It helps to reunite and remodel the ends of the bones. Persons suffering from injuries face horrible pains due to breakage of their bones. The process of Bone Knitting helps to recover well in an automatic manner and with the help of certain medications or home remedies. All of must be careful about our body.  All parts including the bones must be saved from any fractures.

Suitable medicines and certain home remedies as under may be adopted for healing of the fractured bones.

Comfrey – Application of its poultice onto the affected area speeds up healing of the fractured bones. You can make a blend of mousear, horsetail and comfrey to get quick results. It can be taken internally too.

Try applying Arnica on the affected areas and see the amazing results.

Aloe Vera – The painful effects of fractured bones can be reduced greatly with Aloe Vera that can be used as a gel and taken internally too.

A mixture of mallow root, comfrey root, plantain, chia seed and other ingredients can also work well for the fractured bones and speed up the Knitting Process.

Foods containing celery, carrots, green vegetables and salads also go a long way in getting recovered from fractured bones.

Sufficient quantity of calcium and magnesium also expedite the knitting process thereby speeding up the healing of fractured bones.

Intake of vitamin D and K also help to get quick relief from bone fractures that may attack because of injuries etc.

Fatty acids – These acids improve absorption of calcium into the bones. Sufficient quantity of fish may be taken on regular basis to get rid of pains due to fractured bones.

Minerals – As the bones are made of usual minerals like magnesium, calcium, silicon, phosphorous and zinc etc; it is advised that the persons suffering from bone fractures should take these minerals on daily basis.

Avoid taking refined grains, sugars or soda pop drinks etc as they aggravate the problems related to bone fractures and create hindrances in Bone Knitting process.

Refrain from excessive use of table salt or the eatables that contain it. Processed foods should be avoided.

Abstain from excessive alcohol, caffeine and smoking.

Stick to eatables that contain sufficient contents of calories.

Sufficient intake of alkaline diet is a must to accelerate the healing of the fractured bones and speed up Bone Knitting. The human physique gets alkalized with fruits and vegetables etc that contain minerals and vitamins. They help in growth of the hormones that are useful to repair the bones to great extent.

Swelling or pain due to fractured bones can be reduced with the help of burdock leaves by bandaging them over the fractured area.

Horsetail grass – Boil it and take as tea. Enriched with silicon, it boosts the healing process of the fractured bones.

Cissus Quadrangularis – This product is also much helpful to speed up the healing of the fractured bones.

Simple exercises also help to get relief from painful bone fractures but be careful that should put any stress.  

Nutritious diets, certain medications and the above home remedies are a must for getting relief from bone fractures and speed up Bone Knitting.


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