The infection caused to the hair follicle by the bacteria staphylococcus aureus on the skin surface in the ear leads to Boils in the ears. This problem attacks the persons regardless of their age or sex. We see the people often putting their fingers into the ears that are much harmful as the sharp nails damage the inner portions of the ears that lead to infection thereby turning into boils. They harm the ears with inflammation and often result in fever too. Few people try to drain out these pimples with their fingers or other things that create complications.

Ear boils must be treated at the earliest for which the traditional ointments and ear-drops are available. Following home remedies should also be tried as they are free from any harmful effects.

Bacon – Take some bacon or salt pork and roll it into salt. Place the same between two cloth pieces, followed by applying onto the boil. The process may be repeated on frequent intervals in a day to get boil drain out and give relief from pain.

Cornmeal – Being absorptive in nature, it is an effective treatment for ear boils. Prepare a good paste by adding it into boiled water and apply it on the affected ears to say NO to boils.

 Eggs – Peel an egg after boiling it properly. Wet the white part and place it over the ear boil, it would give excellent results.

Milk – Prepare a paste by putting some salt and bread pieces into it. Make four poultices and place them on the boil one after another to get quick relief.

Onion – The contents of antiseptic chemicals act as antimicrobial agents. They help to drain out the ear boils by using onion pieces that are good for getting quick relief.

Keep the ears clean and free from any dirt so that infection does not attack them. Soak a clean cloth in hot water and dab the same on the ear but be careful not to press it hard on the boils. You can keep a warm towel too on the affected ear.

Never try to burst the pimple or ear boils with needles or other sharp items as it would cause infection and other complexities.

Do not scratch the ears. It would also lead to infection.

Prepare a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide and put it into the affected ears. Leave it there in the ears for some time and let it flow out. Then put some margosa oil and olive oil into the ear. This will help you to get rid of the ear boils.

Prepare a mixture by mixing mustard oil, carom seeds and garlic by crushing them aptly. Boil it and apply on the ears affected with boils. This will give excellent results.

The above methods of treatment are cheap and free from any harmful elements. That’s the reason many people across the globe choose the same for getting rid of the ear boils.


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