A boil may be defined as skin problem that occurs due to bacterial infection which attacks the hair follicle. Known as skin abscesses too, boils are small in size in the beginning stages and develop into larger ones. This small painful red nodule may lead to fever. People suffering from boils often face skin tenderness; followed by accumulation of bacteria, protein and blood cells that gets filled and turn into pus. Boils may exist on the back, breast, head, scalp, groin, face, underarms, buttocks and other body parts. Infections in nature; boils can be found in different shapes, i.e. carbuncle or furuncles, cystic acne, hidradenitis suppuraativa and pilondial cyst etc.

Boils can be treated with different medications while the following home remedies may prove greatly fruitful as they are free from any adverse effects.

Basil Leaves and Asafoetida – Prepare a paste by mixing basil leaves juice and ginger and mix some asafetida to it. Apply it onto the boils to remove them soon.

Bacon – Roll bacon in salt and put it in between two cloth pieces. Place the same on the boils to get quick draining of the boils.

Black Seeds – Grind few black seeds and apply the paste on the boils. You can drink the black seed oil too.

Bread Poultice – Soak a bread slice in milk or water and place it on the boil. Regular processing would make the boils to disappear.

Cumin Seeds – Apply the paste prepared by grinding some cumin seeds and water. Effective results will be obtained.

Corn Meal – This natural product is able to absorb. It removes the boils. Boil it in hot water and apply the paste for quick relief.

Castor Oil – This antiseptic treatment works well by applying it on the boils with a cotton ball to draw out poison.

Epsom Salt – Taking bath by mixing some Epsom salt into water facilitates excellent results to say NO to boils.

Egg white – Apply this portion of the egg directly on the boils and see the amazing results.

Echinacea, Pasque Flower and Poke Root Tea – Regular use of this tea gives good results to say NO to boils.

Eucalyptus Oil – Prepare a thick paste by mixing this oil into powdered slippery elm and add some water. Its regular application on the affected areas gives excellent results.

Garlic – You can have it in the raw form or apply its paste on the boils to get rid of the problem quickly.

Indian Lilac (neem) – With the anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, this natural herb can be used as a paste that gives best results if applied on the boils on regular basis.

Milk – Prepare a thick paste by putting some salt and bread crumbles or flour into hot milk. Apply it directly on the boils for quick relief from painful boils.

Onion – Being antiseptic and antimicrobial in nature, this natural herb may be placed directly on the boil to drain out the boils.

Parsley Leaves – Wrap these leaves in a bandage after boiling them in hot water and put the bandage on the boils to flush out the fluid from the boils.

Turmeric and Tea Tree Oil – These natural ingredients also work well to get rid of the boils at the quickest.

Warm compresses if initiated in regular manner relieve from boils.

You can try some antibiotics, e.g. Neosporin or Ichthammol Ointment too as they are also much beneficial for boil problems.

Remain neat & clean at all times and save your skin from any dirty and harmful elements. Bathe daily with good quality soaps.


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