Hot weathers sometimes become tough for the human beings as they are unable to bear the hot sun rays which make them to suffer from perspiration. The horrid and powerful odors create inconvenience for others. Metabolic changes and combination of the skin bacteria with sweat leads to Body Odor and Perspiration. But sweat is not its cause. It is the mixture of sweat and bacteria that is responsible for Body Odor that occurs due to heat, fear, anger or other changes. It attacks the people more in the hot seasons and affects the clothes too that become wet.

Body Odor and Perspiration can be controlled effectively with the following home remedies that are free from any adverse effects.

Baking Soda – Mixing this soda with lime juice can work wonders to get rid of Body Odor and Perspiration. Baking soda absorbs sweat and removes the bacteria as it acts like a natural deodorant. You may use cornstarch too.

Apple Cider Vinegar – ACV, i.e. Apple Cider Vinegar helps to fight bacteria. It balances the pH level of the skin and helps to eliminate body odor. You can apply onto your skin and drink it too.

Liquid Alum Deodorant – A mixture of alum powder, rubbing alcohol and baking soda works wonders to eliminate Body Odor.

Lemon Juice – With its acidic features, this juice is great fighter to control Body Odor.

Rosemary Herb – This fragrant natural herb kills fungi and bacteria and helps to fight Body Odor and Perspiration. Adding its leaves to your bath help in controlling bacterial effects. Apply its powder on the body to free it from any odor.

Stage Herb – Body Odor can be killed in an effective manner by using this herb on regular basis. This antibacterial product decreases the effect of sweat gland. Its scent acts like a deodorant.

Tea Tree Oil – This antiseptic and antibacterial oil help to kill fungi. Applying this oil onto the skin relieves from bad smell.

Turnip Juice – Enriched with nutrients and vitamin C, this juice eliminates body odor. It kills the bacteria too.

Tomato Juice – This antiseptic juice may be added to bath water. It can be drunk too to say NO to body odor and perspiration.

Witch Hazel – Combination of bacteria with sweat leads to Body Odor and Perspiration that attack mostly the groin or underarms etc because of the sweat glands. Witch Hazel is the natural ingredient to reduce the smelling effects of Body Odor and Perspiration.

Wheatgrass Juice – With the contents of chlorophyll this juice is able to kill body odor and perspiration.

Balanced diets – Always take simple food enriched with vitamins, minerals and proteins etc. Avoid fast or fried foods and stay away from other eatables that contain harmful elements.

Refrain from smoking and drinking.

Always take sufficient quantity of water quite frequently.

Lifestyle Remedies – Bathe daily with quality soaps or shampoos. Wash the clothes properly. Use cotton underwear. Tight fitting clothes should be avoided. Control anger and stress as they result in sweating. Always keep clean and dry.

Open air, complete cleanliness, healthy food, vitamins and simple exercises etc help greatly to say NO to Body Odor and Perspiration.


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