Blood pressure may be referred to as the pressure or force that pumps the blood from the heart to the arteries. Pressure created because of the blood circulation is called the Blood Pressure. It is circulated in decreasing order through the veins, capillaries, arterioles and the arteries when the heart beats. The enhanced level of force of the blood strains the arterial walls that become scarred that lead to damages because of high blood pressure. This condition may prove hazardous for our health. Usual blood pressures are between 120-80 mm of Hg while 140/90 is the sign of high blood pressure. Factors that contribute to imbalanced blood pressure include, age, genetic reasons, faulty diet, kidney failure or other physical problems.

High blood pressure can be controlled with various medications and preventive steps. Following home remedies are also quite useful to get relief from this problem.

Lifestyle changes can work wonders to get rid of high blood pressures. Go moving and do not become idle.

Simple exercises for about one hour on daily basis bring down the pressure of blood to great extent. Walking, cycling and other exercises are much helpful for this problem. Jogging and swimming are also quite advantageous for high BP.

Healthy Diet – Blood pressures can be lowered by adopting DASH diet, i.e. Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, lean meats, nuts and fish etc must be included in your daily diets. Processed, fried foods and fatty meats must be avoided. 

Minimum salt – People with high BP must avoid taking much salt. Intake of sodium through salt may be harmful for such persons that should avoid processed foods and restaurant dishes that contain excessive sodium.

Maintain weight – People with genuine weight are less exposed to high blood pressure as compared to the fatty people and the ones with fat waists. They must go in for weight-loss exercises or medications that can enable them to lose weight and get rid of high blood pressures.

Avoid smoking – The level of nicotine because of smoking goes high that results in high blood pressures. As such, the smokers must refrain from smoking habits if they suffer from high blood pressure problems.

Refrain from alcohol – Excessive use of drinks aggravate high blood pressure. Its use must be minimized to stay away from high BP.

Relaxation – Different causes lead to high blood pressure that often occurs due to relationship problems, job, finances or love affairs. You should find out ways rather than keep worrying. Take some time off from your day to day activities and relax. Think properly and try to address the problems by finding out solutions. Negative thinking should be avoided as it leads to tension and high BP.

Regular intake of herbal products like garlic, lemon, its juice, grapes, gooseberry, watermelon, vitamins and other nutrients goes a long way in treating high blood pressure and its adverse effects.

People challenged with blood pressure problems must adopt simple living, good food, exercises and other stress-free life style methods.

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