Blisters relate to the mild spots that get filled up with fluid which is released by small blood vessels because of irritation, burning or pinching of the blood vessels in a particular area. These harming spots usually exist on the feet because of sweaty, hot or tight fitting shoes. Many people sometimes purchase the shoes in hurry and bring home the pieces that in fact do not suit their feet because of their inapt sizes. The tight shoes prevent the air to touch the feet that leads to blisters that are painful. People with red streaks, pus or redness on the feet may be suffering from blisters.

Certain ointments and medications may be effective in treating the blisters. The following home remedies also prove fruitful in getting relief from these spots.

Aloe Vera Gel – This unique herbal gel gives wonderful results to get quick relief from this problem. Applying it evenly on the affected areas on regular basis is much advantageous.

Apple Cider Vinegar – This home remedy is an accepted treatment for curing the blisters that disappear with its application.

Black Tea – Soothing effects can be obtained by applying this herbal product on regular basis.

Diaper Rash Cream – Applying it with zinc oxide makes the blisters to eliminate in fast manners.

Egg – Break the egg and apply it onto the surface of the blisters to make it disappear quickly.

Salt water – Soak the feet in salt water and see the amazing results. It may be irritating but the dirt and sweat can be removed with its regular repetition.

Foot Powders – Sprinkle good quality foot powders on the feet to keep them dry and prevent from blisters.

Tea Tree Oil – Ointment prepared from this oil gives good results.

Toothpaste – It is helpful to relief quick relief from blister pains.

Underarm Deodorant – Rub deodorant on the feet and have relief form paining blisters.

Double-Duty Bandage: Bandages with antiseptic and gel make the blisters to disappear. You will be soothed with these bandages.

Let the blistered feet be exposed to sufficient air. Keep them open and let them dried up completely. Breathing the feet relieves from blisters.

Antibacterial / Antibiotic ointments – Applying polysporin or bacitarcin on the blisters is a good remedy to say NO to them.

Padding – Blisters on the bottom of the feet can be got rid of effectively by padding them. Circular foam adhesive pads or sheets of pads also work well with such blisters. Use antibacterial ointments for excellent results.

Draining – The blisters may be drained out by pricking them once or twice. Pressing them gently makes the fluid to flow out. Blister’s skin, i.e. the deflated skin protects it from infection and it should not be removed.

Soaking – Soaking the blisters in Burow’s solution softens them and draining becomes easy.

People suffering from blisters should adopt the above remedies and must buy the leather shoes that have microscopic pores for circulation of air. Tight fitting shoes should be avoided. Refrain from wearing wet shoes. Wearing right socks also helps to prevent blisters.  

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