Eyes are the integral part of our bodies that enable us to see this beautiful world and other creations. God has been kind enough to bless us with the unique gift, i.e. the EYES that must be protected from any disease or adverse effects. We see the people suffering from eye redness, swollen eyelids, crusting of the eyelashes, light sensitivity, frothy tears, tearing, burning or itching etc that may the symptoms of Blepharitis, the common eye disease. The eyelash hair follicles and the eyelids edges may be harmed due to this ailment that is often caused due to bacterial infection, dandruff or other reasons.

The doctor may be consulted if the disease is serious. The following medications and home remedies are also much useful for Blepharitis.

Artificial tears – You can get rid of this disease with the lubricating eye drops or artificial tears that give good relief.  

Antibiotics – Bacterial infection the major cause of Blepharitis can be controlled in an effective manner by using antibiotics that is contained in eye drops or other medications like pills or ointments.

Proper cleaning – Remember to clean the eyelids with warm washcloth to say NO to Blepharitis.

Steroids – Inflammation in the eyelids and the eyes can be controlled by using ointments or eye drops that contain steroids.

Warm Compress – Itching can be easily fought with warm compresses that may be used on regular basis.

Avoid using poor eye make ups as they may harm you instead of beautifying the eyes.

High quality mascara and neutrogena’s nourishing eye liners are recommended for the eyes as they are free from any side effects.

Take vitamins on regular basis.

Healthy foods are most important for healthy eyes. Say NO to Blepharitis by including nutrients to your daily diets. Have sufficient quantity of fruits, green vegetables, proteins and eggs.

Avoid taking junk or fast foods that aggravate the problem.

Get involved in physical activities and simple eye exercises.

Manage your weight.

Make use of turmeric and garlic.

Honey is also good for eyes and helps to fight Blepharitis.

Sufficient quantity of clean water is a must.

Himalayan salt also helps to get rid of this problem.

Use of Salenium, Red Clover, fish oil, evening primrose oil, dandelion, citrus bioflavonoids and beta-carotene gives good results and helps to stay away from this eye disease.

Enjoy the eatables that contain iron, zinc and other minerals.

Have passionflower, goldenseal, chamomile, calendula, bribery, bayberry and barberry on regular basis to stay away from Blepharitis.

Stay away from excessive drinks or smoking. Same is true with tea, coffee and other items that may flare up this disease if you take them in excess.

Blepharitis is sometimes caused due to dandruff too. As such, use good shampoo that may prevent dandruff to attack you.

Rinsing the eyelids with warm water and drying them up also helps to get relief from this eye ailment.

Cleanliness is all the more important for us as far as our eyes are concerned. Keep them neat and tidy and have relief from any eye ailments including Blepharitis too.

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