Bleminor (Pack of 2)

Bleminor (Pack of 2)

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Have a healthy and glowing skin with the help of Bleminor

To have a glowing, healthy and spots-free skin is perhaps the dream of every human being. Although most people are born with a clear and healthy skin however it may undergo some changes during developmental stages of life. Diet, lifestyle as well as hormonal balance also has an important role to play in keeping skin in good health. Sometimes, environmental factors as well as work conditions or some external factors such as over-exposure to sunlight, heat conditions or too much cold weather conditions are also responsible for damage of the skin.

Hyperactivity of hormones also leads to appearance of blemishes, pimples and acne on the skin. Apart from this, there are some other disorders relevant to the skin such as eczema or allergy on the skin. All these problems prove to be discomforting for a person as these cause itching or irritation on the skin and hence start interfering with sleep and rest as well. Sometimes, there is so much itching that blood starts coming out from the affected area due to constant scratching.

So it becomes necessary to treat all these problems related to skin. It is always advisable to treat any skin ailments right from the moment of their first appearance on the skin. And Bleminor, which is an organic product by Himalaya Healthcare, is found to be effective in this regard. Since it is completely natural or organic in nature therefore it is free from any side-effects or other risks.

Chief ingredients contained in the Bleminor

Silk Cotton Tree or Shalmali- This tree is rich in antioxidant properties and also acts as an exceptional tyrosinase-inhibitor. Both these properties help in the hindrance of production of melanin in the body.

Licorice- Also known as Yashtimadhu, it is known to possess strong anti-inflammatory properties which make it capable of managing the hyper-pigmentation caused due to persistent inflammation. It is also effective in reducing the activity of tyrosinase i.e. production of the melanin inside the melanin-producing cells and that too without resulting in any toxicity of the cells.

Indian Copal Tree- Recognized as Sarja, it helps in reducing the production of melanin owing to the presence of natural oxidants in it.

Almond or Vatada - It helps in making skin tone as well as skin complexion better by smoothing down the skin completely as well as revitalizing it.

What are the chief advantages of using Bleminor?

Clear skin- Bleminor helps in keeping skin free from any blemishes, acne or pimples.

Treatment of Hyper pigmentation- Bleminor is found to be effective in the treatment of hyper pigmentation caused due to multiple reasons such as ageing process or excessive exposure to sunlight.

Treatment of Melasma/hyper pigmentation- Bleminor acts as an anti-oxidant to treat the condition of melasma which means discoloration of the skin. It is equally effective in treating hyper pigmentation caused due to oxidative damage. It stops or reduces production of melanin and hence helps in dealing with various skin problems.

Treatment of post-injury and post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation - Due to anti-inflammatory properties contained in the Bleminor, it is advantageous in prevention of hyper pigmentation caused due to repeated inflammation or discoloration caused to the skin due to some injury.

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