Our day to day activities involve us in use of knives, razors or other sharp tools that are necessary for accomplishment of certain tasks. We need the knives for cutting vegetables or fruits. Use of scissors becomes necessary to cut paper, clothes or other items while razors are used for shaving purposes. Due to negligence or tension, sometimes we happen to cut our fingers or other parts of the body while we are busy with these sharp tools. It leads to bleeding of the body parts that are often treated by bandaging them or applying some conventional ointments that are readily available with us. We must remember that bleeding must be stopped immediately otherwise it may lead to serious conditions.

The following remedial steps and preventive methods help to stop bleeding and prevent its adverse effects.

Alum – Bleeding can be stopped instantly by applying the stone of alum on the infected area. It may result in little burning sensation but the product is quite effective for fruitful results.

Cornstarch – Applying it directly on the cut shows amazing results.

Cayenne Pepper – Bleeding can be stopped with this ingredient that prevents infection too.

Coffee Powder – Apply this powder after washing the cut. It will prevent blood clots and reduce bleeding.

Electric Tape – Amazing but true, bandaging the cut with this tape stops bleeding and prevent loss of blood.

Flour – Wheat flour or Maida are also quite effective to prevent loss of blood due to bleeding. Flour is able to absorb the moisture and thus obstruct flow of blood from the cut. It may be sprinkled on the affected area due to cuts.

Ground Coffee – Apply coffee powder on the cuts and see the bleeding to stop instantaneously.

Glass – Bleeding can be stopped immediately by pressing a small piece of clean glass on the cut that should remain there for above five minutes. Be careful that the glass itself does not harm you. 

Ice – Put some ice cubes to stop bleeding.

Salt – Bleeding can be stopped with salt that may be mixed into hot water. It may pain but loss of blood would be prevented.

Spider Web – Bleeding can be reduced by wrapping the spider web around the cut. But be careful that it should not have spiders in it.

Turmeric Powder – Applying it directly on the wounds helps to stop bleeding in an instant manner.

Tea Bags – Immerse some tea bags into cold water, place and press them on the cuts to stop bleeding and loss of blood. 

Yarrow – This is also one of the best home remedies to prevent loss of blood due to cuts or other injuries. Apply the leaves on the affected areas by crushing them. Bleeding would stop then and there.  

Effective results can be obtained by following the above home remedies that cost less but prevent loss of your blood that is too valuable for all. The doctor may be consulted if the problem is serious.  


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