Infection in the bladder and in the Urinary Tract Systems occurs due to presence of harmful bacteria that damages the human physique. Women are affected more with these problems as compared to the men. Bladder Infections and UTIs usually begin with burning sensations in the bladder and sometimes in the urethra too. It may lead to back pain, chills, fever and blood in the urine. Bladder infection is related to Bladder while UTI refers to infection in the entire urine tract system. Existence of microbes often results in infection in this system that otherwise is sterile in nature. Bladder infection and UTI may be the result of fungus, e.g. Candida.

These problems must be controlled in the beginning itself as they may lead to complications at later stages. The following treatments and home remedies can prove their worth to great extent.

Baking Soda – This chemical facilitates wonderful results to reduce infection in the bladder and the urinary tract system. It helps to neutralize the acidic effects in the urine and cleans the system. Regular of use of this soda is much advantageous.

Blueberries – This natural fruit is able to slow down the bacteria and its effects. Its juice is useful to prevent UTIs. You can have it in the form of juice or sprinkle some blueberries over the morning cereal. Your bladder and Urinary Tract System can be freed from infection if you take this herb on regular basis.

Cranberry Juice – Urinary Tract Infections can be checked to great extent by taking this juice on regular basis. It helps to prevent the bacteria to affect your bladder. The bladder and Urinary Tract System can be kept infection-free by taking plenty of this juice on all days. You can take in the shape of cranberry juice cocktail too.

Pineapple – You can say NO to Bladder Infection and UTIs by having sufficient intake of pineapples that contains Bromelain, an enzyme. It is quite energizing and eliminates the bacteria from the bladder and Urinary Tract System. Its regular use is much advantageous for the affected people.

Vitamin C – This vitamin is much useful for the bladder and the urinary tract system that are energized with its regular use. It helps to acidify the urine and keep the bacteria away. Taking this vitamin helps to strengthen the system.

Sufficient water is a must to say NO to Bladder Infection and the UTIs that will become free from infection if you take plenty of it on frequent intervals. That will help to flush out the bacteria from the bladder and the system.

Placing hot water bottle on the lower abdomen helps to get relief from pain because of infection.

Never to try to hold the urine and let it go away as and when it is required to flush it out.

Use of cotton underwear is recommended to check infection.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

Bacteria can be kept away by proper wiping, i.e. from front to the back.

You can stay away from Bladder Infection and the UTIs if you follow the above home remedies and preventive measures in a sincere manner. 

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