Known as Cystitis too, bladder infection refers to the one that occurs in the bladder that is a major part of the urinary tract system. The urine that is produced in the kidneys gets stored in the bladder before it flows out from the body. It passes through the ureters while travelling to the bladder that becomes empty upon its clearance. The length of the men’s urethra is longer than that of the females. The urinary tract is free from any germs but it gets infected due to the microbes. Bladder infection or other UT infection is caused due to the bacteria that exist in the urine that is otherwise sterile in nature. Candida, the usual fungus also leads to bladder infection.

Bladder infection can be controlled with the help of antibiotics and other apt medications. Home remedies too can treat Bladder Infection.

Cranberry products – These herbal ingredients are much useful to fight bladder infection. These are available in the form of pills and juice that help to prevent reoccurrence of bladder infection. But do avoid it if blood thinning medicines are being used.

Pregnant women must be careful while choosing the antibiotics to seek relief from Bladder Infection. It may harm the fetus.

Bladder infection can be checked with Vitamin C.

The women should maintain proper hygiene with complete cleanliness of their physique, e.g. wiping from front to back. The risk can be reduced by ensuring that the douches and the bath tubs are clean in entirety.

Genuine Foley catheter care is a must to reduce the risk of bladder infection that often attacks the persons with Foley catheters. They are more exposed to this problem.

 It is advised that each sexual intercourse is followed by emptying of the bladder. As such, urination is a must after having sex as it will enable the bacteria to flow out if the same have entered the bladder.

Though antibiotics are good for Bladder infection, yet their preventive use under the guidance of a qualified doctor is recommended.

Frequent tests may be initiated to check if you have bladder infection in case you notice some blood in your urine. This could be the sign of infection.

Fluids – Persons affected with Bladder Infection should take plenty of fluids so that bacteria are flushed out.

Use of hormone estrogen is also recommended as a topical cream for the postmenopausal women.

Healthy diets – It is recommended that you should have nutritious diets that are enriched with vitamins and minerals that help to keep away the bacteria from different parts of the body including the bladder.

Do not ever hold the urine and go to the bathroom as and when required.

Stay away from coffee, alcohol or citrus juices that often irritate the bladder.

Drinks with more sugar should be avoided.

Antimicrobial herbs including bearberry, goldenseal, parsley and garlic etc are quite helpful to prevent Bladder Infection.

Avoid tight clothes. Use of cotton underwear is highly recommended. Use of deodorants onto the private parts should also be avoided as they may enhance bacteria.

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