We often come across many people that have blackheads on their skin, face or the nose. These spots can be seen on other parts too. They can attack people regardless of their age or sex. Usually this ailment affects the persons in their teenage or adolescent years. Excessive use of cosmetic products and hormonal changes often lead to Blackheads that in fact refer to accumulation and hardening of the oil in the skin pores because of reaction with the air.  Substandard cosmetic products with contents of poor quality oil, fried foods, menstruation and other causes lead to Blackheads that need to be treated aptly.

Different types of medications are used by the patients suffering from Blackheads. They should try the following remedies too that do not put any adverse effects.

Baking Soda – Apply it onto the blackheads by making its paste with mineral water. Repeated application enables quick relief from the blackheads and energizes the skin.

Cornmeal – The skin pores and dirt are controlled with this abrasive that may be mixed with some facial cleanser. Best results can be obtained by massaging on to the blackheads in circulation motions. Rinse the face with cold water.

Cinnamon – This spice can be used in its powder form. Mix it into lemon juice and apply on the affected areas. Mixing it with honey or turmeric also relieves from blackheads. 

Epsom Salt – Make a mixture by adding some iodine and Epsom salt into hot water and let it cool for some time. Apply it with a cotton ball on the blackheads to get best results.

Egg White – The oily skin can be improved and dirt can also be cleansed by using the egg white by mixing some honey into it. Apply the mixture on the blackheads and see the amazing results.

Fuller’s Earth – Known as Multani Mitti in India, this natural clay helps to eliminate extra oils from the skin that often lead to blackheads. Make a paste by mixing it into either rose water or its powder into almonds by grinding them. Likewise apple cider vinegar can also work wonders when it is mixed into Fuller’s Earth and applied on the blackheads.

Fenugreek – A paste prepared from its leaves by mixing them into clean water relieves from the blackheads.

Green tea – Make a thick paste by mixing the green tea leaves into water and apply on the blackheads. Regular application will facilitate excellent results.

Honey – With its qualities of hydration and tightening the skin, honey relieves from blackheads. Applying it one the face and rinsing with lukewarm water makes the blackheads to disappear.

Lemon juice – Prepare a thick paste by mixing it into yogurt, honey and salt. Scrub it on the blackheads to remove them. Adding milk or rosewater also facilitates fruitful results.

Oatmeal – A mixture of yogurt, oatmeal, tomato juice and honey is much effective by applying their paste on the skin. Mixing olive oil or lemon juice also relieves from blackheads.

Turmeric – Prepare a paste by mixing its powder into mint juice and water. Apply it on the affected areas and get rid of blackheads. Adding sandalwood and milk also gives much relief. Crushed leaves or mint may also be added to the mixture by applying it on the blackheads and say NO to them. 

Fruits and Vegetables – Good diets enriched with fresh fruits, green vegetables and other nutrients are also much useful for getting rid of blackheads and dirt.

The persons suffering from blackheads should clean their skin in proper manners and remain away from dirt or other unhygienic thing that aggravate this problem. Healthy diets, sufficient water and simple exercises also help to get rid of the problem.

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