Black Eye may be referred to as a hemorrhage around the eye that often occurs due to the blood below the skin that shows through as a purplish color. Black Eye may be too disturbing but it does not put lasting impact upon the human health. This painful ailment happens due to a blow to the face. Nasal injuries, jaw surgery, facelifts, bites, allergic reactions and skin infections also lead to Black Eyes that exist due to dental infections too. Black eye often results in headache, swelling and blurry vision. Doctor must be consulted if you suffer from vomiting, nauseas, vision problems or other difficulties.

Following home remedies go a long way in treating Black Eyes.

1. Ice Pack – Swelling can be controlled greatly by using ice. It should be applied to the affected areas. Ice helps in constricting the blood vessels that decrease internal bleeding. Further bruising can also be stopped with ice packs that should remain on the eyes for about twenty minutes. Pain will go down. Frozen vegetable also give good results. 

2. Warm Compress – Flow of blood to the tissues can be increased by applying warm compresses around the eyes. It helps to expedite the healing process. Use a clean cloth, dip it into hot water and put it on the affected eye after squeezing it well. It helps to enhance the circulation of blood and eliminate dried blood from underneath the skin.

3. Vitamin C – Take good diets enriched with this vitamin. Guavas, Indian gooseberry, sweet potatoes, peppers, lemons, mangoes, broccoli and oranges contain this vitamin that thickens the blood vessel walls. The healing process is increased to great extent with vitamin C.

4. Papaya and Pineapple – Black eyes can be treated in feasible manners with these two fruits. Enriched with antioxidants, these fruits help to heal the injuries that may lead to skin discoloration. With the contents of particular enzyme, Pineapple and Papaya are able to soften the skin that is healed quickly. You can use these fruits by eating, take their juices or apply their pulp around the affected areas.

5. Cayenne Pepper and Vaseline – An apt mixture of these two ingredients gives good results to treat Black Eyes if it is applied on the affected areas in an even manner. Be careful so that the mixture does not enter the eyes. Repetition of this process proves useful.

6. Witch Hazel – Black Eyes can be treated well with this substance by using a cotton pad soaked in it and putting the same on the affected eyes. It will soothe the eyes and give relief from pain. Chamomile essential oil may be added to witch hazel and the mixture may be put on the affected area. Repeated process gives excellent results.

7. Arnica, Potatoes, Natural oils and Comfrey Roots also reduce the adverse effects of Black Eyes that are a great nuisance for the sufferers.

Persons affected with Black Eyes should use goggles that not only save from hut sunlight but also reduce the effects of this disease. 

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