Healthy babies are the unique gifts to their parents. However some unlucky pairs are not blessed with the kids with perfect physique. Many of the new born babies bear certain functional or structural abnormalities at the time of their birth. Candidly, the other name of such defects is Birth Defects. These defects may lead to mental or physical disabilities that sometimes ruin the lives of the children. These harming defects sometimes become the reason of infants’ sudden death that usually takes place during the first year of their life. Birth Defects occur due to improper working of the genes or when a part of the gene goes missing. Chromosomes’ problems and environmental factors like exposure of women to serious diseases or use of harmful drugs during pregnancy may also be the reasons of Birth Defects.

Birth Defects can be controlled with the help of certain treatments including the following home remedies that are free from adverse effects.

Use of folic acid on daily basis by the would-be pregnant mothers is much useful to save their offspring from birth defects. Recommended diet is 400 mcg each day. Folic acid helps to fight defects of the spinal cord and brain. Available in the form of vitamin folate, this ingredient is found in green vegetables, and nutritious foods. It helps to reduce the neural tube defect cases too.

Ginseng (Ashwagandha) – This natural herb grown mostly in India is much useful for treatment of problems related to memory. It helps to boost the immunity system too.

Bacopa Monniera or Brahmi - This natural herb is enriched with minerals and vitamins that improve the functions of the brain. Coronary system is also energized with this particular ingredient that helps to strengthen the body.

Women intending to become pregnant must abstain from use of substandard street-drugs that may prove harmful for their children that they expect to deliver. They should consult their doctor regarding pregnancy.

Apt prenatal care is a must.

The health care provider must be consulted regarding the medications that have been used in the past if the women intend to get pregnant.

The doctor should be consulted before discontinuing any medicines that are a must for the women’s health.

Intake of sugar should be minimized as its excessive use may lead to birth defects.

Prevention from chemicals – Different chemicals also put adverse effects including Birth Defects upon the health of the new born babies. As such the pregnant women should be cautious about them and avoid coming into their contact.

Use of cigarettes elevates the level of nicotine that may lead to low birth, still birth or cleft lip and/or palate if the pregnant women continue smoking. Likewise, use of alcohol should also be restricted by the expectant ladies as it results in unusual facial features, organ defects and mental retardation.

Screening and treatment methods may be adopted to examine the possibility of Birth Defects and necessary treatments must be initiated if the results are positive.

Parents should be cautious about the health of their forthcoming children and must take preventive steps to save their health from the possible Birth Defects.

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