Existence of human beings depends upon union of males and females which involve in sexual activities that in turn give birth to babies. Certain reasons may compel some persons to adopt the birth control methods. Many of such methods may prove harmful because of their flaws or adverse effects. All those who intend to adopt Birth Control methods need to be much careful about the same. Necessary advice from the qualified physicians must be sought before adopting any particular Birth Control method.

The following home remedies are recommended for feasible and protective Birth Control methods.

Use of Anzeer – This dried fruit is a great nutrient and helps greatly in birth control. It should be taken after intercourse. Two or three pieces of this fruit are the recommended diet while excessive use should be avoided as it may lead to disturbed stomach. It is a useful preventive measure to avoid pregnancy.

Condoms – The cheapest and most effective method of birth control is the use of condoms that can be used both by the males and the females too. It helps to get rid of any diseases of sexual activities. Avoid using two condoms at a time. Never reuse the condoms as it may result in infections and unwanted pregnancy.

Carrot Seeds – People all over the world have been using these seeds for birth control since the 5th century. The women that are reluctant to bear children must chew the wild carrot seeds. They can take the same by grinding and soaking them in water.

Calendar Method – Birth Control can be initiated effectively by recording the menstrual cycles of the women. It will enable them to know the length of each menstrual. Start counting the days from the beginning. Eight cycles is necessary. You can go in for twelve cycles too. If it is short of twenty six then subtract eight from it and the result would be eight. If day one is the fourth day of that month, then mark it with X. Getting involved in intercourse on that particular day may make the women pregnant. As such they must make use of preventive birth control methods. Never get involved in sex on the unsafe days.

Dried Apricots – Mixing dried apricots with water and honey helps in effective Birth Control. The mixture should be boiled before drinking. It helps to stop bleeding. The blood level is also improved with this natural ingredient that makes the skin to glow. It is useful to control bleeding too.

Papaya – Unsafe intercourse should be followed by eating papaya as it is a good Birth Control method that prevents pregnancy. It promotes   vitamins and calcium that are necessary for good health. Papaya is a great nutrient that improves digestive and skin glow. Other fruits including wild yam or jamu also help to facilitate Birth Control.

Temperature Method – Recording of women’s temperature helps to have Birth Control in an effective manner. Temperature goes bit higher during ovulation and goes down on the forthcoming period. Birth can be controlled conveniently by this method.

Vitamin C – Taking pure vitamin C helps in initiating Birth Control quite effectively. But avoid taking it if the pregnancy test goes positive.

Avoiding birth requires apt Birth Control methods that may be adopted by following the above home remedies that do not harm in any way.

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