Attractive clothes help us to impress others to great extent. Glamorous dress plays major role in exhibiting our external appearance that must be impressive enough. Same is true with Bikini that helps the wearer to attract others because of its unmatched design and other features. However, the Bikini has its negative features too. Exposure of the skin to hot sun rays is one of such flaws associated with the Bikinis that invite darkness on the skin. The area surrounding the buttock-bottom and between the thighs are often darker as compared to other parts. Bikinis usually help to darken such areas that are already dark. Darkness of the affected areas occurs due to rashes, sweating, shaving or chafing etc. You need to save your skin from the darkening effects but use of Bikinis cannot just be ignored.

Few traditional medications including some creams or gels give good results but many of them affect in adverse manners. The following home remedies and preventive measures help to reduce the Bikini Darkness in a big way as they are free from any harmful effects.

Lemon, Yogurt and Aloe Vera – Use of lemon juice by applying it onto the inner thighs and bikini area helps to reduce the effects of sweating. It would help to remove the dead skin and also prevent darkening of the skin with its acidic effects. Mix some yogurt to lemon juice and use it evenly. The skin will be lightened with its regular use. Using Aloe Vera after this process moisturizes and hydrates the skin.

Milk – Apply milk to the area affected with Bikini Darkness. You can do this with a piece of rag or towel by dipping it into milk that acts as a good lightener. It stops the skin from drying up. Regular use gives good results.

Olive Oil – Massaging the area with this oil affected with Bikini Darkness lightens the dark lines and helps to reduce wrinkles. It is useful for eliminating epidermis rashes because of sweat.

Papaya Soap – This natural treatment lightens the skin and saves it from the effects of Bikini Darkness. Use it on regular basis for excellent results and immediate relief form dark lines.

Turmeric – The dark spots can be eliminated with the paste prepared from turmeric. Mix its powder with lemon juice, yogurt and make it a good paste for gentle application on the affected areas because of Bikini Darkness. Apply it in circulation motions and let it remain there for about twenty minutes for good results. Repeat the process on regular basis.

Waxing – Cold or hot waxing methods are recommended to clean the bikini areas instead of going in for shaving or using harsh chemicals to remove hair. Waxing may be painful but it is safe to stay away from the dark lines and wrinkles due to Bikini darkness.

It is recommended that certain preventive measures like use of sun-blocks while going out, wearing the cotton underwear, intake of sufficient water on all days and sticking to healthy foods are adopted to remain free from Bikini Darkness. Avoid taking excessive drinks, smoking or junk foods to stay away from this problem.

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