Anybody getting stung by the bee is put to great trouble as the pain is just unbearable and lasts for a considerable time. The horrible condition of the affected person is just beyond one’s control and puts him or her to great physical problem and inconvenience. Bee Stings often result in swelling, redness and itchiness of the affected areas. Allergic reactions can cause complications. It is worth noting that things like hair spray fragrance, bright clothing, cosmetic products including perfumes, syrups, fruits and sweet soda etc often attract the bees. Hence it is recommended that use of such things may be restricted to stay away from the bees and their poisonous sting effects.

The following steps and home remedies can prove their worth in getting relief from Bee Stings.

Remove the stinger immediately to reduce the venom.

Use of tweezers is recommended to remove the stings.

Wash the affected area with soap and water.

Use of Epsom salt and aloe vera is much effective to get relief from Bee stings.

Apply fresh crushed parsley or basil leaves on the affected area.

Cover the area with fresh papaya.

Ice – Ice is able to reduce the pain and also slow flow of blood that in turn helps to reduce swelling.

Honey – Honey that is produced through the bees acts as a good agent to heal the wounds. Apply it onto the affected area and cover with small piece of cloth.

Lavender Essential Oil – Put some lavender oil on the wound. It will help to neutralize the venom to great extent and give relief form painful bee stings.

Garlic – Press some crushed garlic cloves against the area affected with bee stings. Cover the wound with towel or moist rag and let it remain there for about half an hour. You will get relief from bee sting.

Baking Soda & Vinegar – Applying the paste prepared from vinegar, water and vinegar helps to get immediate relief from bee stings. These ingredients are much effective to diffuse the acid that is found in the bee stings.

Meat tenderizer – Application of paste made by mixing water and meat tenderizer and keeping it on the wound for about twenty minutes shows excellent results and quick relief from bee stings.  

Toothpaste – The acidic effects of Bee Stings can be reduced quickly by applying the tooth paste on the affected areas.

Plantain – This usual weed can be found mostly in the sidewalk cracks or the places due to disturbed soil. With its rosy leaves and purple foliage, this weed can be used as a good treatment for bee stings. Its leaves may be crushed to facilitate juice by putting them into plastic bag and pressing with some iron rod or spoon. The juicy leaves may be applied directly on the area affected due to Bee Stings, followed by covering it with towel or moist rag for about half an hour. This would give quick relief from Bee Sting.

Bee Stings are much painful and should be cared for immediately to avoid complications. The above methods give quick relief from this problem and its harmful effects.

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