Known as Nocturnal Enuresis in the medical world, Bedwetting may be referred to as the particular condition wherein urine is passed out in an unconscious manner during sleep. This problem is found mostly in the kids and rarely in the elders too. The kids with their small bladders are unable to hold the urine that comes out automatically. They often shy away from social activities due to this problem. Children above the age of seven suffering from this problem may be taken to physicians for advice. Imbalanced hormones stress or other reasons lead to this problem that may lead to increased thirst, constipation, snoring or pain while urinating.

Different medications including the allopathic ones are available. However, the following home remedies are free from side effects and advantageous too.

Apple Cider Vinegar – It is much helpful to regulate the acid levels and urge for frequent urination. Deposits of calcium are also broken with it. Let the child have it by mixing it into water. Regular use shows excellent results.

Banana – It is a good nutrient to get rid of Bedwetting.

Cinnamon – It can be taken in the powdered form or its bark may chewed by the children that suffer from Bedwetting. It may be sprinkled on the bread toast and given to the children.

Cranberry – The juice of cranberry is much effective for the children that face Bedwetting problems. It is much effective for the bladder, kidneys and urinary tract.

Fennel – Fennel may be taken by adding to warm milk. Regular use helps the kids to say NO to Bedwetting.

Honey – This is one of the best remedies that are much effective to treat Bedwetting. Add it to milk and let the children have honey that may enjoy it with their breakfast.

Herbal Tea – Bearberry, horsetail and oak bark may be used to prepare the herbal tea that may be given to the children to save them from the problem of Bedwetting.

Indian Gooseberry – Also called as Amla, it can be taken by putting honey on the crushed Indian Gooseberry. Black Pepper or turmeric may be sprinkled onto them for best results.

Jaggery – It helps to keep the kids body warm enough. Mixture of celery seeds, jiggery and sesame seeds prove much useful to treat Bedwetting.

Mustard – May be given raw or by stirring the mustard seeds in warm milk to save children from Bedwetting problems.

Olive Oil – Rubbing hot olive oil on the lower abdomen of the kids obstructs the urination while the children are sleeping. This is one of the best home remedies for Bedwetting.

Walnuts and Raisins – Frequent bedwetting problems can be got rid of by giving these two natural herbs to the children. Regular use gives excellent results. The kids can take the raisins and walnuts in the form of snacks too.

Bladder exercises – Though bit difficult for the kids, simple exercises can strengthen their bladder.

Sufficient intake of liquids, healthy nutrients, the habit of going to bathrooms for urination and control on frequent urination can help the kids to say NO to Bedwetting problems.

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