Also popular as Pressure Sores or Decubitous Ulcers, Bed Sores occur due to suffocation of skin under the weight of the body. The continued pressure on the skin results in obstruction of blood flow and oxygen / nutrients to the affected area that leads to formation of sore red patch of skin and smaller blood vessel clots. This may lead to painful wounds and infection. Bed sores usually attack the disabled / coma / paralyzed / bedridden / elderly persons or the ones with diabetes. These sores result in reddening of the skin, inflammation and itching. They exist on pelvis, buttocks, lower legs, heels and the back. Formation of pus, swelling, craters, pain in the muscles / joints etc are the common symptoms.

Various medications and traditional treatments are adopted by the patients. They may try the following preventive and safe home remedies that are free from any harmful elements and give best results too.

Aloe Vera – Available in cream, gel or ointment forms; this effective natural herb helps to keep the wounds clean and prevent from spreading.

Comfrey Leaves & Elm – Prepare a good paste by mixing these two ingredients and apply the same on the bed sores. Good results can be obtained by leaving the wounds overnight for quick healing.

Goldenseal – Enriched with vitamin C, this antiseptic product soothes the skin. Use it in the form of paste by mixing its powder with vitamin E capsules. Adding olive oil gives excellent results.

Honey – Wounds can be detoxified by using honey that may be used by putting it on the bandage that may be tied on the Bed Sores.

Papaya Milk – Apply a bandage on the bed sores by soaking it into papaya milk. Regular use would make the bed sores to disappear.

Topical Calendula – Its cream is much effective to heal the Sores.

Turmeric Powder – Sprinkle this powder on the Bed Sores to disinfect the same.

Vitamin C – This anti-inflammatory vitamin is advantageous for the blood vessels and the skin too. Taken along with bioflavonoids, it helps to eliminate the Bed Sores in quick manner.

Witch Hazel & Myrrh – Bed Sores must be washed with the mixtures of these two ingredients to get quick relief.

Zinc – This is much advantageous for the immune system and healing of the Bed Sores. Its regular use on daily basis helps to treat the wounds in effective manners.

Healthy Diets – Good health can be ensured by taking foods rich with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Beans, beetroot, fruits, rice bran and other nutritious foods boost the fiber levels. Avoid taking meat or fat-rich diets.

Take sufficient quantity of water on regular basis.

Avoid excessive drinking or smoking.

Use of ripple mattresses helps to maintain proper circulation of blood.

Remove shoes when doing any sedentary work for prolonged periods.

Vacuum Assisted Closure, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Electric Stimulation are also good for Bed Sores.

Total cleanliness of the physique, regular massaging and prevention from rubbing / sliding / friction of the body parts also helps to Bed Sores away.


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