Red or brown in color, the small insects known as Bed Bugs create great problems to the human beings by biting and disturbing them. Quite similar to flat oval disks, they are approx 3/4” in size that depends upon their age. These small creatures often appear in headboards, mattress seams, beds and other articles around us. They attack us by biting. It is worth noting that the large number of bed begs are born through the female bed bugs that lays approx500 eggs its lifetime. As such, a cluster of these small horrifying insects becomes too harmful for the human beings. An amazing truth about the bed bugs is that they can survive for longer periods without any rood. So, their life span is too long.

Several types of medications including some traditional chemicals are there to treat the bed bug problems. The following preventive methods and remedies are also quite useful to manage these harmful insects.

Seal the cracks – Being too small, the bed bugs often crawl through minor openings that must be sealed properly.

Live bed bugs can be killed by using heat while drying or washing any denigrated items.

Pesticides and bug bombs – Proper use of these items also goes a long way to deal with bed bug problems.

Vacuuming – This most effective method is much helpful to eliminate the bed bugs from your house that may be vacuumed in entirety.

Bed Post – Bed bug infestation can be controlled to great extent with Bed Posts that hold back these insects from making contact with floor thereby obstructing them to go to the bed.

Steaming – Steaming or dry heating also gives good results to deal with the bed bugs. High temperatures are much effective to kill these small insects.

Periodical checks of mattresses, headboards, wall corners and other tight areas is a must to ensure that these articles are free from bed bugs. Blood stains or shed skins of these insects may be the symptoms of their rebirth.

Careful purchases – Be careful while you purchase new furniture of other home articles. Always buy such items form reputed stores as few of them might have been attacked with these small insects that may reside in furniture or other items.

Make use of Boric Acid at places that may be attacked with bed bugs.

Put the cots and clothes in hot sun for drying up as heat kills the bed bugs.

Proper washing of clothing articles with hot water relieves from bed bugs. Water must be hot enough to kill them.

It is advised that all items must be wiped off properly to say NO to the bed bugs.

Make use of encasements to protect the mattresses from bed bugs. Same is true with the pillows that may also be protected with this method.

Herbal treatment – Use of thyme, lavender or black walnut leaf tea is also much effective for controlling the bed bugs.

The above steps and home remedies can help you greatly to save yourselves form the bed bugs and their harmful effects.

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