The old and prominent saying, i.e. “Cleanliness is Godliness” is true in its real sense because neat and tidy surroundings not only please our eyes but also help us to maintain our health. Our house, office and other place should always remain free from any dirt. Same is true in terms of our Bathtubs that should be kept intact. This essential part of our home must be maintained evenly by cleaning it thoroughly. Bathtubs enable us to remain afresh all the times as we use them on all days by having soothing baths. Our bodies become refreshed with their use.

Bathtubs can be maintained well by adopting the following natural ways.

It is recommended that bathtubs are fixed in airy spaces that facilitate proper ventilation to maintain them aptly.

Use of baking soda is quite effective to clean the bathtubs. It helps to freshen the bathtub when it is used in the form of paste by adding water to it. It is useful to remove bad smells too.

Spraying oven cleaner on the hard stains in the bathtubs and keeping it for two or three hours helps to eliminate them.

Make use of gloves while cleaning the bathtubs. Avoid pouring vinegar, ammonia or other chemicals into bleaching powder.

The bathtubs often become dirty. Mixture of ammonia, alcohol and vinegar in apt proportions and putting it into water gives good results to clean the bathtubs thoroughly clean.

Bathtub stains can be easily removed by using tartar cream. Make a thick paste of this cream by adding hydrogen peroxide. Applying it onto the dirty and stained bathtubs will make the stains to disappear in an automatic manner.

Use of good shampoo also works well to clean the bathtubs of your house. It acts like a fine buffing agent to manage the chrome facets. Moreover it rinses clean the bathtubs.

Using baby wipes for cleaning the bathtubs also works well. It enables quick polishing effects.

Ribbing a wax paper piece deflects the water droplets from the bathtubs.

Placing some charcoal pieces near the bathtubs enables to absorb odor and moisture.

Pure vanilla extract is also quite effective for proper cleaning of bathtubs. It enables sweet scented smells.

Using two denture cleaning tablets by putting them into water and cleaning the bathtubs with this mixture gives excellent results.

Accumulated soap foam can be removed by cleaning the bath tubs with a mixture of baby oil and clean water. Disinfectant cleaners may be used to kill the harmful germs. Soap films or water marks can be easily removed from the bathtubs by using this method.

Olive or vegetable oils also give excellent results.

Lemon juice is also quite effective for apt cleaning of bathtubs.

Old toothbrush may serve as a good scrub brush to clean bathtubs.

Salt acts as an effective abrasive. Scrub the bathtubs with it by mixing it into water to enjoy proper cleaning of the bathtubs.

The above natural ways are much fruitful to have clean bathtubs that are a must for good health. Free from any adverse effects, these methods help you to maintain the bathtubs in eco-friendly manners. 

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