Our external appearance plays a major role in impressing others. Good physique, attractive clothes, beautiful eyes, shining teeth, good facial get-up and rich hair not only enhance our confidence level but also attract our known ones that have great respect for us. However, the few unlucky people including the women suffer from bald patches on their heads that spoil the whole show. These problems often cause psychological problems too and the women challenged with this ailment face deep depression that needs to be addressed with great care.

Growth of hair depends much upon flow of blood to the scalp that results in rejuvenation of hair follicles that can be managed with the usual medicines. The following home remedies can facilitate amazing results for the women challenged with Bald Patches on their heads.

Olive Oil – Enriched with vitamins and minerals, this particular oil is a great energizer for the hair that starts growing quickly if it used on regular basis. Use this oil by adding honey and cinnamon powder into it. Apply it on the scalp and hair. Bald patches can be treated well with this oil.

Fenugreek – Women with bald patches can heave a sigh of relief as this natural ingredient is there to facilitate amazing hair growth. Application of paste prepared from the seeds of this spice on the bald patches is a wonderful home remedy for hair loss. Adding and boiling these seeds in coconut oil & applying on the bald patches also gives much relief.

Henna – Add this natural herb to boiled mustard oil. Apply the mixture on the scalp and bald patches to see wonderful results.

Onion – This natural product facilitates thicker hair apart from cleansing the hair follicles and scalp. Extract juice from the inner part of the onion; apply it onto the scalp for natural hair growth. Adding honey into onion juice and applying the mixture on bald patches helps to get rid of them. You can rub the onion pieces straightway too on the scalp.

Lemon seeds and Peppercorns – These two natural ingredients help to enhance the blood circulation on the scalp that in turn makes the hair grow on the bald patches.

Camphor Oil – Enriched with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial features; this unique oil facilitates amazing results for relief from bald patches. Flow of blood to the scalp is stimulated with this oil that helps in managing the hair follicles and bald patches too.

Saw Palmetto – Hair loss and bald patches can be fought with the extract of this natural herb that may be taken in balanced dosages.

Hibiscus – This natural product may be taken in the form of tea or by making its concoction with its leaves that may be applied on the scalp. Enriched with the energizing contents, this herb helps to heal the bald patches and promote hair growth in quick manners.

Garlic and Ginger – These two products also help to get rid of bald patches. Women suffering from this problem must make use of these two herbs on regular basis.

Ladies with bald patches should refrain from junk foods, excessive use of alcohol, coffee or cigarettes but stick to simple foods and exercises. Sufficient intake of fresh water also soothes the problem of hair loss and other related ailments. 

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