Bacterial Vaginosis may be defined as the inappropriate balance of the usual microorganisms in the vagina. It often occurs due to shortage of good bacteria in the human body to fight the bad bacteria. It may pose big problems for the persons that do not have sufficient number of beneficial bacteria as compared to the number of harmful ones. The situation must be recognized in the beginning stages to avoid complications afterwards. The pH levels within the vagina must be maintained in feasible manner so that good bacteria are able to fight the attacks of bad ones that lead to vaginal infection.

Taking suitable medicines also proves fruitful to check this ailment. Home remedies and certain preventive steps listed below also help greatly in solving this problem.

Apple cider vinegar – This natural herb is able to enhance vaginal acidity that in turn checks bacterial vaginosis. Adding this to your bath and sitting in the water for about twenty minutes helps in usual vaginal balance. This ingredient energizes the human physique to great extent to fight bacterial vaginosis.

Yogurt – Contents of lactobacillus, i.e. the beneficial bacteria in this natural product make it more beneficial for this disease. It can be taken in the raw form to check bacterial vaginosis. The pH level within the vagina can be maintained properly by having two cups of natural yogurt on daily basis. The harmful bacteria can be discouraged with this natural herb. Putting yogurt in the vagina for about two hours by dipping a tampon in it also gives good results. The bad smell also gets reduced greatly by repeating this process on frequent intervals.

Tea tree oil fights dreadful smells. Vaginal infections can be checked effectively with this oil as it is equipped with natural antibacterial elements. The vaginal area may be cleaned with the mixture of essential oil, tea tree oil and water. It helps to fight bacterial infection and prevent bad smell too.

Garlic – Bad bacteria can be controlled in a big way with the use of garlic that has the antibiotic properties. You can take in the raw form or its capsules are also available at major stores. Mashed garlic also gives good results if you smear it at the affected area. It helps to strengthen the immune system too.

Citrus fruits – With the contents of Vitamin C; grapes, lemons, orange and other fresh fruits boost your immune system and also keep the vagina area free from bad bacteria.

Use of antibiotics and probiotics is quite useful for bacterial vaginosis.

Metronidazole is much effective to fight this disease.

Tinidazole (Tindamax) also shows excellent results to manage this disease quite effectively.

Other natural treatments including total cleanliness of the vaginal area, proper diets, regular baths and simple exercises too help to fight bacteria and their harmful effects.

Staying away from junk foods, alcohol, smoking and excessive use of coffee or tea also helps in managing bacterial vaginosis.

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