Pain in the back known as Backache is quite common amongst the old and middle-aged people. However, it affects the younger generations too. People with this physical problem complain of pains around their hips and backs. Sleeplessness and decreased flexibility are the two major symptoms of this physical difficulty. Many reasons including poor sitting postures, excessive work, pregnancy, arthritis, poor diet, muscle tension and lack of physical activities etc are responsible for this problem. People with Backaches must consult the doctor if the situation gets out of their control despite the use of traditional medicines.

Use of apt medications and treatments may be sufficient to get relief from Backache but the home remedies and protective steps mentioned as under go a long way to get rid of this problem.

Basil Leaves – Boiled in hot water, these leaves give much relief from backaches. You can take this boiled water if the pain persists for longer periods. Regular use of this herbal product is much advantageous for the people that are often attacked with backaches.

Chamomile Tea – Tense muscle tissues can be soothed to great extent by taking this tea in a regular manner. Make this tea by mixing and stirring the chamomile flowers in hot water.

Epsom salt – This salt is quite effective to reduce inflammation. Use it by making its paste and applying the same on the paining back. Bathing in water by mixing two cups of Epsom salt also gives good results.

Garlic – It can be taken in raw form or by applying its oil on the paining back. Heat some mustard oil, coconut oil and sesame oil and add few pieces of garlic to it and boil the mixture. Apply it after cooling.

Ginger – The anti-inflammatory features of this natural herb enable the patients to get quick relief from backaches. You can take it in raw form or by making its paste. Herbal tea made by adding black pepper, cloves and ginger powder gives good results for backaches.

Herbal Oil – Almond oil, eucalyptus oil, coconut oil or olive oil can be used to get rid of backaches. Heat the oil and massage onto the aching area.

Ice Packs / Frozen vegetables – Putting ice packs or frozen vegetables on the aching backs provides immediate relief. Repeat the process on frequent intervals.

Milk – Energize your muscles and bones with milk that gives enough relief from backaches too. Adding honey gives good taste. Mixture of cuscus grass, sugar and hot milk also soothe the aching backs.

Poppy Seeds – One of the best remedies for backaches are these seeds that may be taken with milk. Regular use provides excellent results.

Wheat – Pain can be decreased greatly by mixing coriander and cuscus grass in the wheat after soaking it overnight in water. Drink the mixture by adding milk and boiling it for few minutes. It is also one of the best remedies for backaches.

Persons suffering from this problem are advised to stick to simple foods, simple exercise, vitamins and other nutrients. However, they should refrain from excessive alcohol and smoking.


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