Baby Cream (Pack of 2)

Baby Cream (Pack of 2)

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Baby Cream

Babies are wonderful gift of God for almost all parents in this world. This gift of God must be nurtured with love and care. As babies need love and affection for development of their emotional aspect similarly their skin also needs loving care. It is because skin of babies is quite sensitive and delicate. Also it is more prone to injuries, infections etc. It is due to low immunity of babies.

In an effort to grow fast and carry out all physical activities themselves sometimes babies get themselves injured. As an instance, they may get a cut, bruise or an injury on their knees, elbows, and nose or get their cheeks chapped. Although all these are considered to be normal things as the baby grows however parents still feel worried about skin of the babies. They are always looking for some magical skin care product so as to offer complete protection to the skin of their babies.      

Himalaya’s Baby Cream helps in fulfilling all types of skin care needs of the babies. It is completely safe and effective herbal formula and may be used on regular basis without their fear of any side-effects on the skin. It is a complete solution to all types of problems which are faced by the skin of the babies.

Method of preparation

Himalaya’s Baby Cream has been prepared by combining together apt quantities of Country Mallow, Licorice and olive oil. All of these promote healthy growth of the skin of babies and also protects it against any type of injuries or infections.

Method of using

The method of application of this cream is very simple. Bathe your baby and wipe off the skin. Then apply the cream on soft parts such as face, knees and elbows. Make sure it doesn’t come in contact with eyes of the baby.

What are the chief benefits of Himalaya’s Baby Cream?

 Himalaya’s Baby Cream is a rich source of Vitamin E for the skin of the babies. It is due to presence of olive oil E in it. It helps in nourishing the skin of the babies deeply and makes it soft. This action also prevents any roughness on the skin of the babies.

 Himalaya’s Baby Cream also offers a soothing effect to the skin of the babies and hence treats any rashes, irritation or itching caused on the skin due to wetness or seasonal changes.

 The antimicrobial properties contained in this wonderful baby care cream helps in providing complete protection against skin infections.

 Himalaya’s Baby Cream is also effective in treating any redness or swelling on the skin of babies.

 Himalaya’s Baby Cream helps in keeping the skin of babies appropriately moisturized and hence makes it soft and smooth.

 Himalaya’s Baby Cream is good for babies who have dry and scaly skin. It helps in making their skin soft and smooth to touch.

 Himalaya’s Baby Cream provides complete protection to the skin of babies against environmental pollution or high temperature conditions.

 Himalaya’s Baby Cream is free from any side-effects even if it is used on regular basis on the skin of your baby.


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