Baby bottle syndrome may be defined as the uninterrupted contact of the baby’s teeth with sugary drinks including juice, milk or formula. This continued link of the teeth of the babies with the drinks results in accumulation of bacteria around their teeth. It results in decay of the enamel of the baby’s teeth that start deteriorating. We often see that babies keep on sucking the bottles throughout the night or they keep the sippy cups in their mouths for prolonged periods during daytimes. Known as nursing caries syndrome or baby bottle mouth syndrome too; this problem is quite common amongst large numbers of babies that suffer from its adverse effects.

The below mentioned home remedies and protective steps can help greatly to get rid of this problems that damages the teeth of the babies.

Change the feeding ways – It is recommended that the babies are prevented from having bottles with anything except water in their mouth when they are about to sleep.

Always clean the teeth of the babies with cloth or brush them after the baby eats or drinks something.

Avoid dipping the pacifier in sweet things like sugar or honey.

Anyone looking after the child must be apprised of the dangers of putting bottles in baby’s mouth when the kid is about to sleep.

Try to make the child drink from a cup instead from a bottle.

Consult the dentist when the baby has its first tooth or first birthday. It will help to prevent the kid from having teeth problems in the beginning years.

Make it a habit that the child’s teeth are kept clean and free from any dirt or other harmful effects due to the drinks or milk.

Give water to the babies instead of milk as and when it feels thirsty. This would avoid the problem of Baby Bottle Syndrome to great extent.

Placing white or porcelain dental crowns sometimes becomes necessary because of complete damage of the baby’s teeth due to Baby Bottle Syndromes that aggravate the problems greatly. The children get natural looking smiles after such procedures.

Whitening the baby’s teeth with bleaching and correcting the baby’s damaged teeth are also the alternative steps to get relief from their decayed teeth.

Flippers are also the alternative methods to get relief from the damaged teeth due to this problem of teeth of the babies.

Candidly, the parents themselves are responsible for the problem of tooth decay of their children. The wrong habit of allowing the children to go to sleep with bottles in their mouths exposes them to this dangerous disease, i.e. the Baby Bottle Syndrome. The youngsters should be saved from forming such things that may create complications to their teeth that sometimes get damaged in full. The baby’s teeth must be kept clean and free from any sugary drinks including milk or juice etc. Adherence of the above steps is a must to save the babies from destruction of their teeth with Baby Bottle Syndrome, the dangerous disease.

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